YouTube - My Observation

in #youtube3 years ago

Amidst all the drama going on over at YouTube, I just wanted to throw my experience and observation out there. It’s not the same as what others typical describe.

Neither my husband nor I have YouTube accounts, but we do watch videos often. We watch our favorite channels on a regular basis. Once in awhile, we go off on a rabbit trail, but then we can just reset our browsing history. However, I noticed that as long as we stay consistent in the content we watch, our feed always shows new videos by our favorite channels. I don’t think I’ve visited a channel and was surprised that they put out a video because I didn’t see it I’m the feed. Also, we don’t get a whole lot of irrelevant videos suggested to us. If we do, they are further down the list.

Has anyone else had this experience? Does us not having accounts make a difference? Is it our consistency in watching only certain channels? I’m curious to hear from you and what you’ve noticed.


I feel like they promote more mainstream videos over the more controversial ones in my feed. Some of my favorite gun youtubers never come up in my recommended feed anymore.

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