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while i am unlikely to actually use this since I don't really even use my Netflix all that often, it is good to know there is a way! choosing USA and Canada as a base is nothing new, but Netherlands also? I wonder why they made that choice?

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You don't use your Netflix too often? My impression would be that you, the one who watches everything suggested to you by Netflix, is one of the biggest streamers out there. Might be wrong, but with your daily reviews, I have a feeling you make it worth its monthly fee :) But, I guess the Netherlands is in on Disney+ from the start because they are always open to new technology, have a high number of digital kids, meaning that they get lots of subscribers from the first minute and because it is a nice stepping stone into the rest of Europe! Disney+ will come to some of the other biggest nations in Europe in May 2020, besides that, we don't know much about its arrival elsewhere...

But, on November 19th, it will come to New Zealand and Australia, meaning that five nations will then be able to enjoy the streaming service.