Newborn Crypto coins | 29.08-03.09.2018

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DISCLAIMER: At the time of recording, we do not own any of the coins featured in this video. Some of them may be pure scams. This is just a report on some newly born crypto coins. If you are interested in any of them, you can find links to the announcements below.

These are the newborn coins from the last couple of days, featured in the video:

REMIX (RMX) mineable :
XARIA (XARI) mineable :
BITGLO (BGL) mineable :
WAVECOIN (WAVE) mineable :
MIXAIR (MIA) mineable :
MASK (MASK) mineable :
ROTO2COIN (ROTO2) mineable :
MoarCoin (MOAR) mineable :
SEARCHCOIN (SRCH) non-mineable :
MOTIFY (MDFY) non-mineable :
PLANETPAY (PLT) non-mineable :

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