Clif High: Google Censorship Algorithms

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Clif High has studied the Google censorship algorithms and reports that alternative media sites and videos are being censored by the Google search algorithms. Alternative news cites discussing:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bitcoin
  • Pizza-Gate
  • Exposing fake news

Based on Clif's analysis of the algorithms videos touching on those topics will see a 26% drop in adsense revenues. As well as a reduction in traffic to their websites.

22 minute video published 11 February 2015 by Clif High

In the video Clif High gives the names of some of the specific video producers and websites subject to Google's censorship.


Thanks for the analysis- this cannot be underreported. Google and Facebook are both constructs of the satanic pedophile ruling elites. Anything that they deem as a threat they are censoring out. Google and Facebook are the enemies of We The People. Yet another reason to use and

FB is also now using 200 MSM news sources to determine 'real' news from 'fake' news whereas an article's feed used to be determined by user popularity algorithms now determine which articles trend depending upon the 200 MSM sources.

That's interesting, @etcmike
Do you have your regression analysis available online?

I did not perform the analysis. I simply posted the video from Clif High who has been monitoring the censorship.

Clif High has a twitter feed. You can view his feed on his website,

OK. Thank you, @etcmike

Great resteem. Thanks. It's a MUST LISTEN - see my next article.

Thank you! It is greatly appreciated.

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