YouTube Crypto Channel Censorship Continues! The list of targetted accounts grows.

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YouTube Crypto Censorship. Day 2.

The carnage continues. All of the following YouTubers channels have received strikes.

Each of these YouTube content creators is now at the mercy of a 7 day wait, with no ability to post content on YouTube.

Chris Dunn TV - 210k subs -
Ivan on Tech - 211k subs -
Altcoin Buzz - 204k subs -
Box Mining - 196k subs -
Omar Bham from Crypto's News - 119k subs -
Crypto Beadles - 90k subs -
Chico Crypto - 67k subs -
Alex Saunders from Nuggets News - 64k subs -
Heidi from Crypto Tips - 56k subs -
Chris Coney from "The Cryptoverse" - 52k subs -
That Martini Guy - 32k subs -
Pygoz - 1k subs -

As you will see, even small channels are being targeted.

One big question is: What happens when the 7 days is up and these channels post new content? Will the videos once again be flagged and receive another strike? The second strike in 90 days will result in a two-week freeze. After the third strike in any 90-day period YouTube will shut down the channel.

It would seem this would be a method that someone or a group, opposed to crypto, could take down all crypto-related channels, unless YouTube steps in.

One theory is that this is not the doing of YouTube at all, and is instead an attack brought on by mass flagging of videos.

Here is one theory:

"there have been reports of this being an organized attack by a group mass-flagging videos, with Chico Crypto having possibly uncovered info about a group that apparently has been orchestrating the attacks." Source:

Who would do this? That is a good question.

Another unsubstantiated rumor is as follows:

This massive crypto-wide YouTube attack could simply be the work of a group of trolls. Either way, it is definitely putting a damper on this holiday season for crypto YouTubers who often make little money for the tremendous work they put in, creating content for the entire cryptocurrency space.

Let's see if YouTube will address this issue and fix the possible manipulation, or if YouTube itself is the initiator of these highly-targetted actions.

Here is the video I made, covering this when the news first broke out yesterday:

So far my channel, Colin Talks Crypto, has been lucky. How long until my channel is flagged? Time will tell.


Thanks for report, great chance for steemit come back as well (y)

Another one to add to the list:

The Modern Investor - 152k subs -

Thank you!!!

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