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RE: And another one down... Youtube nukes the Ron Gibson channel

in #youtube6 years ago

But I was misinformed about his views on Sandy Hook and it hurt my feelings. So I'm confused why he can't be banned from my eyes. Waaa!


Yeah it is sad how when you ask for proof they offer up some news outlet saying it is "true" yet still never offer proof. These days proof doesn't seem to have to exist. Just allegations.

This is a powerful state of existence for liars.

He does 4 hours of live broadcasting a day and they still need can't just provide me with evidence of him "literally" doing something.

I can also watch real murders on Youtube. So him being banned for "glorifying violence" is complete bullshit.

I bet the "glorifying violence" was them repeatedly showing Rufio of the Proud Boys knocking out that Antifa thug that tried to attack him with an asp several weeks ago. They were glorifying successful self-defense.

Though as you said if Antifa posted a video of beating up some guy in a wheel chair youtube would not only not ban it, they likely would help it trend.

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