YOUTUBE VS DTUBE | 7-Year YouTuber Gives Comparisons!

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YouTube is the original heavyweight champion for posting video content on the internet and for a lot of people (like myself) it has carved out a very creative and unique way to create a career from it! Granted, with YouTube you definitely have to branch out and make connections with brands and sponsorships to fill in the gap to make a living from it (unless you're 3 million or more views monthly) but for most people they love it.

In steps Dtube...

And changes the whole game up! Dtube, as you all know, is the decentralized steem blockchain version of a video platform and instead of paying via advertisements shown, it takes advantage of the proof of stake voting system. After 7 days of a video being up, that is the full amount of value that it will create in it's lifetime, unless posted again.

Which one is better?

Well, it's not easily summed up in a single sentence, it's depends heavily on your context. What do you want out of it? How far have you developed your brand/following? How much time/energy will you put in?

I talk extensively about each subject and provide a timestamp in the beginning of the video so you can jump where you want to without having to watch the whole thing. In this video I bring up 5 positives about youtube and 5 positives about dtube then I compare the both of them. There are advantages to both and there will a massive difference in user experience from the guy who joins to make money quickly and quits if he doesn't in the first few posts, the person who joins with an already built following and the person who is willing to post 5 times a week regardless. There's an advantage to each platform for each type of person.

All that being said, I think Dtube will quickly grow and take a large portion of content creators over to it's platform. This is especially true for every YouTube content creator who faces severe advertisement blocks or channel/content deletion due to controversial subjects such as psychedelic substances or conspiracies. Altogether I think the content creators will be a huge wave of people joining for the next 6 months then I think they will start pulling their audiences here through search results as well as unique content only being viewable here.

I'm not getting all of my thoughts out as well as when I recorded this video, so if you have a few minutes I definitely suggest watching it and I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on what Dtube will become and what you think the timeline for it all will be ! Thanks for coming in and showing support my friends!

▶️ DTube

Youtube will start losing users in mass proportions with their new censoring policies. Long live DTUBE!!

Really nice comparison video. I started my career directly on DTube and I am very happy I did. Steemit was my liberation and DTube is making the whole thing much better. As a full-time Steemian I know all the problems DTube has and there is still a long way to go for it to become as versatile and useful as YouTube. However, this is the future.

You can always tell if people "grew up" on Youtube like you did. They way you present your material and weigh your words is exactly what I want to avoid to be able to speak from my soul without fear of demoneytization. I used to start a YouTube channel as well but I have given up on that entirely. I will grow 100% through this platform and I am already living from it. Great new world!

That's awesome man, you do really well! I'd love to collaborate sometime, you're great on camera. I agree, there are a lot of streamline and user friendly issues that would help get more people to try it out. I also agree it is a big part of the future, I just wonder how long it will be! Either way I'm glad we're all here early in!

The potential of the Steem blockchain is so massive and with all the upcoming features like communities and SMT's this thing will explode in 2018. That will attract tons of new users and makes us super powerful with our upvotes. We give them to new users and they tell their friends. And Steemit inc. sits on a multi-million dollar advertisement budget that they haven't touched yet because they want to fix the bottle-neck registration process with the next hardfork 20 first.

We already have most of the popular social medias as clones. Only facebook is lacking because we get that mostly through the interconnectivity of all these apps based on Steem we favor.

Steem will go to $30-100 this year and we will change the world!

That's very true, I'm pumped for fork 20 and to see what can happen on from that!

im taking good notes from this
-more people so better chance to get a lot of views
-you can still get paid for making just ONE viral video
-scheduled uploads

-no censorship
-not a lot of people so you can start and you can become an OG
-growing exponentially

youtube vs. dtube
-easier to upload on youtube
-you get more paid on dtube than youtube
-spending more money on dtube more effective than youtube

i'd say its better to do both. diversify investment and they could really go hand to hand like eating healthy and exercising to get in shape

Great post and I'm glad you enjoyed this! Gave you an upvote :)

A better model just in time... YouTube will soon be a thing of the past

Great video.

Some very helpful stuff in here. Thank you.

Thanks man!

When you talk about the bots, are they the same bots people use to upvote steemit posts via or are there specific bot's for You really put me on an info hunt when you mentioned that word. hahahaha. I appreciate ya man.

Very helpful post. Being new to Steemit and a big fan of creating videos, I didn’t even know what dtube was all about. Really looking forward to integrate that into my work.

Thanks for the post / comparison.

Good luck my brother, you'll like it the more you do it because it'll get much easier!

Thank you! I’m still trying to understand how Dtube works. This video was very helpful.

Really interesting comparison, I'm curious how DTube will develop in the following months and even years. There is this huge potential, but also I guess it's kind of not suited for such a big market like Youtube, because of the rather complicated process of signing up, creating your account and the close connection to crypto. Those factors will probably keep many people from using it. Although I'd really like to see it growing to a size where it could compete with Youtube.

Agreed these issues will need some tweaks to make them more user friendly before any mass adoption comes. But there will be a large growth either way



That's dope haha!

Not so sure about that. A while ago I made a comment on a video from a controversial channel (which I didn't know at the time) and I got downvoted to minus infinity and my rep took a good hit. Stuff like that sucks huge when you're a beginner and don't know the platform a lot.

I want YouTube to die and give way for alternative platforms that ACTUALLY reward people.

Such as DTube.

Nice one man
Wish you success all through

Youtube just gets shittier and shittier with every day that passes.

Dtube is the way to go.

Totally agree! Commercials every 2 seconds. And shitty ones. Like the loser advertising commercial. How about drugs and corporate office software? Need a lawsuit for something you never knew you could make an issue? By the time I'm done hearing it I need therapy. And have side effects. Or am being served papers...

D. Tube! It needs some fixing. It takes me multiple times to upload and snapshots don't work. But it can be fixed!

YouTube? Can't fix stupid. Tuned out for too many ads!

DTube kicks YouTube's arse.

gratz m8... i think you are better off with dtube
but dont go full in only on dtube now
keep upload both platform and see what gone happend :)

Really interesting comparison, I'm curious how DTube will develop in the following months and even years. There is this huge potential, but also I guess it's kind of not suited for such a big market like Youtube, because of the rather complex process of signing up, making your account and the close connection to crypto. it is very beautyfull pardoned.👏👏

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Eummm i like dtube,,,dtube is the best...!!

Great video :)))

nice video thanks for this amazing content

congaress man
good luck

Dtube is becoming more and more important to me and an artist and content creator. I see a bright future for this community, especially as YouTube becomes less and less flexible.

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I think it's quite funny that you make the most money on here from the one upvote.

I appreciate this information. I am still learning about DTube and I was considering YouTube, but YouTube censorship lately disgusts me. I love the idea of a platform for a free voice!

I don't like the idea of porn being allowed, unless it is sectioned off from the rest. To many pervos out there that will attract the porn industry and turn this channel into PornTube.

Very informative info.
As one that has never started a YT channel before, think it's safe that I steer away from the pc censoring crap that has been hitting that platform and hundreds of others these past months, and just keep an eye on DT.
I still think there are alot more versions and upgrades DT has to go through before it can really be damn good. . but for now, it's definitely serving as an excellent platform to reach out to new heads.
Me being one of them.

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