Finally reached 300 subscribers on YouTube!

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Woohoo! I just hit 300 subscribers on YouTube!

It's only been... Around six years, Lol! That's atrociously bad.
I bet some people get way more than that on the very first video they upload... Though, I'm just patiently working and plugging away doing my own thing and trying not to compare myself with others too much.

The first couple of years I didn't upload very much at all.
And the first serious movie I uploaded was around three years ago. The first Vlog I did was around two years ago, and around that time I was pretty active for a while working on a lot of different stuff until YouTube got more and more extreme in regards to censorship and preventing small uploaders like myself from making money and I got kind of discouraged and felt like giving up at times.

However, in recent weeks after I saw a video where some guy said you "CAN" make some decent money with between 1000 to 1500 subscribers I started thinking about it more and more.

My main goal is to reach people, so I wanna go where the most people are, but I would love to be able to make some money as well if possible! It would be a dream come true to be able to make a living making videos like some people do and sharing information that I think is important with the world.

So, I think I'm going to work on a simple and easy sort of podcast with minimal editing. I love the Vlogs and more detailed videos I've done... Yet it's a lot of work editing it all and very time consuming for my slow computer to render that kind of content.

I'm still going to do movies and Vlogs when I can... But... My new goal is to start putting out small audio clips much more regularly which are perhaps a couple minutes long each and then talk about issues that I think are important or trending issues that are in the news and things like that and then hopefully if I keep at it in a couple of years or sooner I could be up over 1000 subscribers and start making some money too.

Who knows if it'll work or not especially as it's getting harder and harder in some ways to make it on YouTube, but I would really love to be able to follow my dreams and make money from my passions in life.

With all that in mind if you read this far, I would ask for you to please consider subscribing to my channel and helping me out!
I'm going to be posting videos about all kinds of different stuff, politics, veganism, philosophy, aliens, conspiracy theories, photography, spoken word poetry, music and basically just whatever is on my mind or that I find interesting or valuable.

If none of that vibes with you, then no worries. I don't want you to subscribe if I'm not putting out anything you resonate with, but if any of that sounds interesting to you then I hope you'll consider subscribing!

Even if I don't ever make any money, I'm just happy to share interesting or useful information and artwork with people. :)
I will put a link to my channel below. Thanks for helping if you do! And much love. <3

OH, PS... The Sedona movie I did with my father is getting close to 40 thousand views! And that's probably where my last 100 or so subscribers came from, so I feel like I have at least one good video on there which is bringing decent traffic to my page. I'll put the link to that video below as well if anyone would like to check it out. :) Peace and hope you have a good day!

PSPS. Doh! It looks like I just lost a subscriber and I'm back to 299. :\ Hopefully one of you can help me get back up to 300? Thank you if you do!

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congrats on the growth , hope it keeps climbing for ya!

Thanks doitvoluntarily! I appreciate the sentiments and I also hope it keeps climbing. :)

Congratulations on both your subscribers and of views for your Sedona video. I don't use youtube very often and do not have an account so I can't subscribe to your channel. Sorry :(
I would have if I used youtube. Good luck on continued growth! It would be nice if you could make a living doing videos that you enjoy creating.

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Thanks man! I appreciate it. :) And no worries! I appreciate the sentiments either way. Also thanks for the good luck as well! I don't have high hopes cause YouTube is so corrupt, but... Who knows, maybe something will happen and even if not I'm glad to just do what I love and share information and art with people. :D