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RE: Your Top 3 Monthly Contest January 2020 {Share Your Top 3 To Win A STEEM Prize}

in #yourtop34 years ago

Finally... the big reveal😁
Nice changes guys. Top3 is growing up 😉

Glad to see this month's topic is one I can work with.
Will get my post up when I get home. It's currently 4am and I'm on my phone. Gives me some time to think about the author I want to have on my list as number 3.






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It's been a long time coming! Thanks a lot for being a part of it all @simplymike! Hope you've recovered from your psytrancing hangover now and looking forward to seeing who you'll choose for yours!


Oh it's impossible!

thanks to your post i noticed this contest -- this time the topic is really up to me, so I jump on it too. if you're curious, check my choices.

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