Hey hey @redheadpei! Will we be seeing an entry post to the beastly Top 3 contest from you as well? We have introduced a few new leagues now so there's more ways to win some STEEM ;)

Looking forward to seeing which authors have inspired you too!

Hi @nickyhavey and Happy New Year! I will try to get something together. 😊

And you too my friend! Hope 2020 is a great year for you @redheadpei 😃

Thank you @redheadpei! I think probably many won't know Coonts. I first discovered him as I said, in an airport bookstore. I had just finished reading a Dean Koonts book and was looking for another, but I'd read everything they had of his already. I saw the same name, different spelling and decided on that basis to give him a shot, lol. Glad I did! Wishing for a fabulous 2020 for you as well!