My Nominations for the Top3 contest - December

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This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Holiday Movies

Nomination 1

The Polar Express

This is the one with the strongest family tradition. Myself, @cheese4ead and @mono.rosado watch this on our annual Christmas Tree Day. Our tradition always used to be to put up the tree, watch the film and eat beef stew and dumplings for tea. This is how we would like it to always be, but sometimes the situation in various countries lead to changes in tradition. We have just had our Christmas Tree Day this year, on Saturday, but as my mum was visiting from England and she wanted to go to the Bucharest Christmas Market, we ran out of time for the film. Never mind, something to look forward to over the next few days, to get in the festive mood.

Nomination 2


There is no particular reason for this one, apart from the fact that it is just incredibly funny. For me, it has all of the elements a Christmas movie should have. It was a close call between Elf, Home Alone and our other family Christmas tradition of Scrooged on Christmas Eve, but I left that one for @cheese4ead as he is the driving force for that one more than me. Anyway, the story of Buddy the Elf is just so funny with many little clips that I am going to find hard to choose just one to accompany this post. If you haven't seen it, it is a must watch.

Nomination 3

The Sound of Music

OK, so this is not a traditional holiday movie, but this is my childhood Christmas all in one. Growing up as a child in the 1970's led to various limitations, such as only 3 TV channels. So of course, Christmas TV was a highlight. At some point over the Christmas week, The Sound of Music would be on. To say that my whole family, my Auntie and Uncle, my 2 cousins, my Granny and Grandad and my Mum and Dad, were totally aware that this film was my passion. Of course, this created good natured ribbing, but I knew every word and sang every song. It also brings back more memories than just Christmas for me though. As the child of two working parents, I spent most of my school holiday time with my grandparents. They had the soundtrack LP for their record player and I would amuse myself by playing this album in the living room, recreating the scenes in the living room by myself for hours on end. Great childhood memories of my grandparent's house and my time spent with them. My love of this movie is also shared with my mother-in-law, my daughter and my nieces and I hope that one day we will all go to Salzburg and enjoy singing Do Re Mi on bicycles as we cycle along the river path.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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Haha, just saw your daughter's post and love that everyone chose Polar Express! My whole family would be the same with Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas. With my sisters and I being grown now, we don't always get to watch it on Christmas Eve like we used to, but we make time for it on Christmas day at some point. Elf is a great one, too. I always seem to catch at least part of it each year when flipping through the channels. Such a great memory with the Sound of Music! I think it can totally count as a holiday film. I can remember dancing and singing at my grandma's house as a child to keep ourselves entertained, too. Though I think it was usually to her favorite--Big Band music! Lovely choices and memories all around!

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Hope you finally got to watch the family favorite! Though time with mom is pretty nice for the holiday season, as well. Happy holidays and best wishes for your awesome selections topping the polls!


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Haha! Well, I'd have been very surprised if all members of Team Baker didn't have Polar Express in their Top 3 after the annual tradition of Christmas Tree day you folks have!

Elf is a hilarious one, Will Ferrell has me and my group of friends in stitches in all his films and like how you went a bit left field with the Sound of Music! Could be the clincher as I haven't seen any one else mention it yet! Good luck in the contest, all to play for!

Awesome! Thanks for sending over your entry fee, just letting you know that I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for results post shortly! We're hoping to get this one out before Christmas :)


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