Amsterdam - Jordan District (YourCityVibez Entry)

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This picture was taken in August 2014, with an iPhone 5S.
It was my first time visiting Amsterdam and I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful this city is!
It's maybe a bit more than an Alley, but it has definitely that charme! :-)


Fantastic place been lucky enough to go on nine occasions love the place must one day find some pictures and put them on Steemit

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Great picture. Amsterdam is wonderful! Come there regularly!

Thank you, yes definitely! :)

Hey. Amsterdam is wirklich ein nettes Städtchen. War ich auch einmal, aber is schon ein paar Jahre her. Der Zoo war ein Wahnsinn, ich wurde von ner Giraffe verfolgt :)

Haha, süße Geschichte! :)

Damals hatte ich ein wenig Panik bekommen :D

Wow thats cool :) I love Amsterdam!

Thank you! :)

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Looks awesome!

~ a Dutchie ;)

Greetings from Berlin, thanks for the comment! :)

I visited Amsterdam in 2010, amazing city!

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