Thankful Thursday (on a Friday) 10/25/2018

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     A beautiful blue sky, a few hours before nightfall, a scenario that causes contemplation and at the same time, look at the sky and give thanks for our day, for everything achieved and for all those blessings that will soon come. Just as we appreciate looking at the sky, Thursdays is a space to thank all those benefactors who days to days make the most of for a better one to come. Today I say dear donate, thank you for being as you are.

1.209 SBD received from @thealliance | Community Chest

2.566 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

2.385 STEEM received from @msp-foundation | Donation

1.744 SBD received from @crisangel | Community Chest.

As always, a special "Thank you!" to the continuous support provided through the generosity of profits from:
@sneaky-ninja. Total payments = 11.168 SBD.
@lost-ninja. Total payments = 3.864 STEM and 4.225 SBD.
@alliedforces. Total payments = 0.019 STEEM and 0.074 SBD.

      #community-chest is one of the new labels we are trying to use to better recognize the publications that the generous Steemianos offer for donations. Do not forget to check this tag, it is constantly being used by the donors of @youarehope, so you can spend a lot of love in it. We have some active publications under this label:

     We can not leave without mentioning the amazing @crescendoofpeace (Cori), she has a big heart to donate part of her rewards for @youarehope, the least we could do is stop by her blog and leave her a lot of love, here is her latest publication: The Full Moon Rises - Haiku - Day 218

Proudly Affiliated With #thealliance.
Special Thanks to @crisangel for compliling this report!

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