YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report!

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It is a rather anemic report this week! I have been taking a break from steemit, it appears @sircork and many others are doing the same. I do hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

The generous profit sharing of @sneaky-ninja, @lost-ninja and @alliedforces continue to be the primary source of steady funding for YouAreHope - THANK YOU ALL and THANK YOU to the individuals who continue to make donations to YAH, I see the same names roll by week after week and consider you "regulars" to be amazingly beautiful souls!

1.500 SBD from @battleaxe Put the Lime in the Coconut and Pay it Forward to YAH!!! :P
2.500 SBD from @chelsea88 donation
2.228 STEEM from @msp-foundation Donation
1.116 SBD from @elizacheng 25% from MakeMeSmile Weekly payout
0.961 STEEM from @msp-foundation Donation
2.000 STEEM from @katrina-ariel teamgood love
0.500 SBD from @fishyculture donation

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Hi, @youarehope

Your Humanitarian Foundation has been featured in the "Humanitarian Focused Episode" As "How I Intend To Promote Steemit!"

The episode takes places under water, the words are fishes and the billboards are whales. I hope you like it and enjoy it.

Here is the link to the article and the video.
How I Intend To Promote Steemit! "Humanitarian Focused Episode"


a bunch of us are doing good in the face and in SPITE of the sharktank.....
thank you