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Yesterday we completed the first batch of training for kids in low income schools in Abeokuta Ogun state Nigeria. It was not an easy journey preparing to set up the training, but was worth it at the end. The training involves pupils from two schools (St Anne’s RCM and Our Lady of Apostle primary school). We trained a total of 30 kids. The training was split into two sessions, the first session deals with hardware and software as the parts of the computer system and their respective functions. We show the kids these part and they were also able to identify them after the training. We had a computer system opened up for this purpose. The kids had the opportunity to see the parts for the first time. Some of them knows the name of some parts prior to this training but were unable to identify them. This gave them an opportunity to see and identify the parts for the first time.


The second part of the training deals with coding. The kids were introduced to the html language. They were so excited to be learning this coding. I have always known that kids have the ability to quickly grasp the use of tech, and yesterday was no exception. The kids were able to colorfully code using html. The kids were excited and the feedback was amazing. Many of them who spoke to me after the program asked me when they will be able to get the opportunity to continue this learning. I assured them that we will not stop teaching them as long they are willing to learn.
The training was facilitated by Olanrewaju Ogunkunle CEO of Revocube technologies Ltd. I really appreciate this young vibrant man for taking his time out to be part of us.



As much as I would have loved to give this opportunity to many kids, I was able to only train 30 this time due to various limitations. Firstly, there are no computer systems in the schools. This poses a huge challenge. I had to run around to gather laptops from friends and neighbor to ensure that we the kids can practicalize what they were taught.
Electricity constraint: the schools have no electricity supply so I had to hire a generator which I fueled to ensure that the program can go on.


In light of these challenges, I am working to set up an ICT center in the school. This center will serve kids from the community, and will be a great avenue for them to keep acquiring digital skills. These kids have been cut off from the digital world and it is high time we changed that. I intent to train the kids in batches across the schools in the community on a weekly basis and give them access to computers to be used for their learning and constant practicing.

Openschool Project: In addition, the ICT center will also be used to assist high school students in the community. @muphy introduced the concept of the Openschool that will be based on the blockchain. Steemit is a great and rewarding platform and we can use this platform to improve the lives of millions across the world especially in developing countries by providing help and support to people that needs it. I am collaborating with @murphy to bring this opportunity to students in my community where we can stream live lessons and they can get to interact with teachers from across the world. The students are so excited and are ready for you all @teacher. So, if you are a teacher and will love to be part of the Openschool, please contact @muphy. He is on discord @muphy you can also contact me @obakhamik. A lot of possibilities abound when we are united in purpose. We seek teachers from varying subject so you can contribute to the development of education, especially to improve the learning outcomes for students from low income communities. My passion is to ensure that no child is left behind and that students everywhere are exposed to the same opportunity irrespective of gender, race or background.


You can contact me if you want to directly donate to this course. You can donate computers and any other gadget, and I assure you it will be put to good use, with picture and video evidences. These students have been marginalized for so long. Many of them don’t even know what goes on in the technology world around them. The world is fast changing and science/technology is the door to the future while education is the key. It is necessary to ensure that kids are given the key (education) and also shown the door.

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