Steemit Kids World Foundation Day 2... A Visit To Bosonu Basic School Pictures

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Watch the school kids of Bosonu Basic School with their delight to meet us for the first time and shouting out steem to the moon with us as we elaborated it to them.

On Our Journey To The School

That's My New Recruit, A very powerful leader

All the teachers are on bicycle or motor due to the distance between the school and their homes and also the teachers Bangalore in the school is with no light so they all live far away.

Heading To the Schools Urinal

Schools Urinal/Bathroom

Heading to the school's canteen

School Canteen

Taking Pictures With These Lovely Kids

Heading To The Kindergarten Block

Discussing Steemit To The Teachers

This is the video section of this post

A big thank you to @youarehope, @ackza, @sircork, @surfyogi, @bleepcoin, @stellabelle, @reko, @yehey, @guiltyparties, @justinashby @elgeko, @battleaxe etc. It couldn't have been done without their generous help and support.

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very active and incredible @kofpato in the field of social to help all people and children

Gob job my brother..
Keep spirit and donation hep people and cildren

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you, we will bring at least 1 million bitcoins to africa abd end extreme poverty and all hunger by 2025

You are doing a good job @kofpato. GOD Bless You for caring for these kids.

Thanks very much

You are welcome.






Woooow a big thanks to you and your team boss
Lots of happy you are promoting steemit to the world


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very noble cause

Thanks very much

Very well done @kofpato. God bless you so much for the great work you are doing in Ghana.