YooDoo - Bringing GiG Economy on Steem Blockchain!

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Hello Everyone,

It's been a little over 1 year since we launched @Oracle-D on STEEM. Even though we have achieved a lot of things in this short time, there are a million other battles yet to be conquered. Our little startup is barely getting out of the cocoon and we think it's the best time to make a major change in our Brand's image on the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Today, we announce a major re-branding to reflect the company’s evolution into a Global Blockchain Service Firm.

YooDoo Main Image.png

Behold - YooDoo

From today onwards, Oracle-D will be called YooDoo. Updating OD assets with YooDoo branding will take some time and currently the process is ongoing. Hence, please bear with us for a little while.

Need To Re-Brand?

We want our brand to automatically communicate what we do, hence there is a slight shift in the messaging. Since we want to promote Blockchain Gig Economy on STEEM, we are trying to build and develop a platform that will help freelancers and clients to exchange money and skills.

Since, all transactions will be done on STEEM, it will attract a wide variety of indie or full fledged businesses too. The afore mentioned will be able to invest in STEEM to reward freelancers for completed tasks.

Why YooDoo

Our variety of projects reward people for performing specific Digital tasks (for clients) catering to multiple domains. YooDoo closely associates with what we want the brand to reflect. We want to connect clients and freelancers at one place i.e. the Yoodoo Platform. We will feature open and private gigs by the clients which will be available to our verified freelance users and/or everyone on STEEM depending upon the requirement.



There are a few things which we would like to clear up before going ahead:

  • Goals of the company will remain the same. These will be updated on the dedicated YooDoo website which is currently under maintenance.
  • YooDoo will soon launch its YooDoo tasks platform which will be an upgrade from the old Oracle-D v1.5 task platform.

In future blogs, we will communicate more about our mission and updates of the platform. Hopefully we will continue getting support from this mind-blowing community. We are taking this opportunity to thank all of you who believed in us so far. In return, we will try our best to bring more lucrative businesses and talented creators on the platform.

Note: Please resteem this post for more visibility. You can also tag users in the comment section who might be interested in joining our new platform.

Contact Us

Dylan Leighton [email protected]
Matt Starkey [email protected]



@hungryhustle thanks for resteeming this amazing update by all means I'm definitely thinking that apart from the name rebranding there will definitely be changes to the way things works and it's well Yoodoo seems very catchy and I'm looking forward to seeing all the exciting progress that's coming with rebranding

Welcome to you, @yoodoo, as @oracle-d you have encouraged a large number of Steemians to take part and improve their skills with the varied tasks and training given. As @yoodoo I am sure this will grow and grow. Good luck.

Fantastic. Like the new name. Steem has struck me as the perfect place for gig work already.

Great idea that now we have a platform like Fiverr and freelancer on steem blockchain sounds good Nice work by OD team good luck

@kamchore @ifeoluwa88 @burlarj

Wow ... interesting! we hope there will be something more amazing than before. We believe that the people behind this project have a very spectacular mission / vision for the development of the Blockchain Steem Ecosystem. Someday we will soon see governance that truly impacts all actors on the Steem Blockchain.

Welcome !!!

This is an amazing upgrade. Nice one guys.
I've updated my witness vote from Oracle-D to Yoodoo.

Resteemed for added visibility

Nice. Safe to say that being a partner means you'll earn from what yoodoo #steem #welcome

Hope this rebranding is more successful than early best wishes with all the team. Followed for further updates.

I like this brand new and colourful logo. This is good and exciting.
Warm Welcome to you @yoodoo
We are with you.. cheers

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Welcome yoodoo!
eSteem is the application that improves your experience on Steem. You have full control over your data and content, unlike some apps we don't use our users to promote our application or services.

We have Mobile application for Android and iOS users. We also have developed Surfer Desktop application that helps you to gain new followers and stay connected with your friends, unique features - notifications, bookmarks, favorites, drafts, and more.
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Learn more: https://esteem.app
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I was really waiting for something like these things for freelancers. I am an artist from India. I hope this project will really help us.

Looking forward to this project 😎

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It's a much better brand!

I always thought @oracle-d was ineffective at describing what you guys actually do. This is MUCH better, and it's got a nice poptastic ring to it too, catchy!

I'm trying to think what it reminds me of, I can't quite remember, but it sounds and looks like something AirBnB or similar 'peer to peer' companies would put out.

Good job!

And yeah that's me on the beach in Thailand for a month after SF3!

Awesome development and transformation. I welcome @yoodoo to steem. The month of October is strategic. We hope to see more of you. Thanks to the entire Team.

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Good luck. Though I think the interface should be available before the announcement because I have so many questions about what kind of services users here would provide!

@yoodoo and @oracle-d, Definitely effective Freelancing Space can transform the picture of Steem because many people prefer to find the opportunities through Freelancing Channels.

Really excited to see how this will going to move forward team.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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This can be another step forward for the Steem economy, and we really need that to strengthen STEEM. Well chosen name, I'm sure you guys will make an impact, as always! And I will certainly check out the new platform once it is out of maintenance.

I like the rebranding a lot. I always thought the name "Oracle-D" was a little confusing for non-Steemians because of the automatic association with the giant database company "Oracle". Also, it was probably a matter of time before their legal team decided you were getting too much of their Google Jucie in the search engine and invent some kind of IP lawsuit or something.

I like how this sounds like Voodoo <3

@yoodoo This is really amazing, I'd love to be part of your team.
Tell us what the tasks are and we will gladly join the work.
It looks very interesting, thank you for this.

I was blacklisted by @yoodoo. Please what do I need to do to get out of the vital situation. Thank you.

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