Top 5 Online Yoga Teacher Trainers in Netherland in 2021

People who are living in the Netherlands and want to become a yoga teacher in 2021, are facing the issue of travel. They will have to travel a great distance to attend the classes, and there is a chance that the ashram they choose might not like it. Also, it requires spending a lot of money as well. But to aid these people, a lot of yoga ashrams in the Netherlands and around the world, have started a new way of teaching yoga.

Now you can complete your yoga teacher training while you are sitting in your home. Yes, this is possible and it is made possible with the help of online yoga sessions and online yoga teacher training in the Netherlands. Now, you can go to the internet, search for a yoga ashram, join their website and lectures. You can learn about the theory of yoga, the practice of different yoga poses, setting up a yoga studio and ashram. You can get all of this at a very reasonable cost, without traveling and leaving the comfort of your home.

But similar to offline ashrams, not all online ashrams are offering the best quality yoga services. Some yoga ashrams in the Netherlands offer better services, and also better pricing and benefits as well. So, you should choose the ones that are the best instead of choosing the better. Below is the list of the top 5 online yoga teacher trainers in the Netherlands in 2021.

Top 5 Online Yoga Teacher Trainers:

1. Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best yoga ashrams in the world, as it offers both high-quality yoga instructions and training and also online sessions to provide you the knowledge and practical information at your doorstep. If you join their classes, you will not have to leave your home, and you will get an internationally recognized certification. This certification would have worldwide recognition and can be used anywhere in the world.

With the help of their connections to the yoga associations and yoga regulatory bodies, you cannot only become a teacher but also a member of any prestigious yoga alliances that you want. For these reasons, it is considered one of the best online yoga ashrams in the world. They also offer top-quality yoga sessions with experts. You can also access your course materials after the completion of the course as well.

2. Siddhi Yoga:

Siddhi Yoga is also one of the top online yoga teacher trainers in the Netherlands as well. They started offering their services a few years ago, and now they are leading the chart in the yoga online teacher training section. This speaks for their ability and their delivery of the promise. They

have a long list of students who got certified from them in the Netherlands. Siddhi yoga offers multiple options to the people who are interested in, including online sessions, multiple choice of courses, and a flexible teacher training session paced for the slow learners.

3. Santosha Yoga:

Santosha Yoga is also one of the top 5 online yoga teacher trainers in the Netherlands as well. They offer a lot of courses that you can join through their online website and start learning to practice yoga correctly. It can also help you become a yoga teacher after obtaining a certification in yoga. For these reasons, Santosha Yoga is considered among the top yoga sessions and yoga training providers.

4. Drishti Beats Yoga:

Drishti Beats Yoga is an Indian yoga center in the Netherlands, one of the best in the region. It is a yoga center for all, which means people of any age can join. Also, if you’re looking forward to becoming a yoga teacher. It is the best place to start. Drishti Beats Yoga can help you obtain a yoga teacher training certification within a month, that you can use to become a professional yoga teacher. Also, cost-wise this is also one of the best options for you as well.

5. My Vinyasa Practice:

My Vinyasa Practice is also a yoga ashram in the Netherlands that offers the best online yoga teacher training experience. They are an Indian authentic yoga ashram that offers traditional ways of practicing yoga. Apart from that, My Vinyasa Practice also offers multiple courses in yoga that you can join according to your interests. You can join any short yoga course or a single long yoga course.


If you are looking forward to becoming a yoga teacher in the Netherlands, this article contains a list of the top yoga trainers in the Netherlands that you can join. You can join any of these, but the Arhanta Yoga Ashram is considered the best ashram online because it offers a variety of options and is also not very heavy on your pocket as well.