Getting Yoga certified

in yoga •  8 months ago

In the month of June we (@felander and myself) spent 3 weeks in Mallorca

We did that to complete our yoga trainer course

I wrote about my intention about 5 months ago in this post

but in the end, we actually did it and it was truly amazing


here is our whole group standing in the Shala in the grounds of this massive finca of Green Yoga International


and here I am receiving my certificate after 3 weeks of learning and practicing 8 hours per day

But it was all worth it as you can see from the smile of relief on my face.

The course was taught us to teach

  • hata yoga
  • vinyasa yoga
  • yin yoga

but we also touched an afternoon on areal yoga and acro yoga (both of which are really exiting as well)


So now the real task is coming up

Teaching actual classes

I am now preparing 2 Vinyasa flows that I will master. One with lots of balances and another that is more focused on stretching the back.

time to put what we learned to the test. For the moment my husband is the test subject but pretty soon this will be different.

The real classes are coming and I will be ready


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Is this Celine on the one pic? Jivamukti yoga bern?

Hugs to ya and steem aum
From one yogini to another yogi