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I don’t post my yoga asana photos to display or teach perfect alignment. Hell, look hips aren’t square and my flexibility is just beginning to let me reach that back foot up, but that’s okay.


I share these photos for the same reasons that I hit the mat - because it feels good. To bend and stretch. To breathe and expand. To find areas becoming accessible, which were preciously too tight or rigid to let me in.


I post my yoga asana photos for the simple joy of sharing expression embodied. ✨ Not all communication is done through words...


At least you have what to share. The only thing that hits my mat is dust. I have to motivate myself somehow to have some yoga at least once a week. Maybe the cold outside will do that. It feels nice to have a tapas to stick to. Keep on going and glad to see you coming back to Steemit once in a while.

Music makes me want to flow and move. I don’t know how well I would be motivated to hit my mat alone without it. Glad to see you are still reliably here.

Lol I rate if I was that flexiable I wouldn’t have had so many soccer injuries

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It does help prevent injuries. True.

Although I understand very well, what you are saying and I also know that feeling of the joy of doing something (particularly with painting) I will never stop being amazed about how you can do these "things" 😲

Glad your hips aren't sqare, but perfectly shaped 🤭

Thanks, dear friend. 🙏🏽 I do the same movements when I’m alone as when someone is there with the camera. I imagine you’re the create because it’s IN you. Not for others. But, it is nice when what we express is received well by others. It forms a connection. And for that we are very lucky.

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