Yoga heals better than alcohol, its proved. Йога исцеляет, доказано.(featuring @maryfromsochi as author)

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Hello Steemers!

Many people think that yoga is a boring kind of sport with a long breath, but it is not. 

Have a look at my photos!

Многие думают, что йога - это скучный спорт с долгим дыханием, но это не так. Посмотрите на мои фото!

Before I tryed yoga I could never make the splits and never tried any other sports.

До йоги я никогда не сидела на шпагате и никогда не занималась спортом.

Thanks to yoga I became stretched. I've pumped my legs, tummy and hands. I've lost 7 kg - just as if I worked hard in gym the with free weights. And all this is the **magic of yoga.**

 Благодаря йоге я растянулась, подкачала ноги, пресс, руки - словно я упорно занималась в зале с весами и похудела на 7 кг. И все это волшебная йога.

Can you believe it?

Judge for yourself! When working in a gym you use dumbbells of 5-10 kg? In yoga you just use your ow weight 

In addition, yoga helps to fight many diseases and improves immunity. In the midst of a flu epidemic I did not catch it and kept healthy all year round. Also, I have lost headaches and back pains.

If that's not enough, yoga helps to combat stress and insomnia. Thanks to yoga, I battled over depression after breaking up with a guy.

Вам кажется это странным? Но посудите сами, в спортзале вы тягаете гантели по 5-10 кг? В йоге же ваш вес и есть гантели и его вы должны вытянуть.  К тому же йога помогает бороться со многими болезнями и повышает иммунитет. В разгар эпидемии гриппа, я им не заразилась и вообще не болела целый год. Также, у меня пропали головные боли и боли в спине. Плюс ко всему йога помогает бороться со стрессом и бессонницей. Благодаря йоге я пережила депрессию после расставания с парнем и неплохо преобразилась.

So, take your yoga mat and fight depression anywhere you want: at home or outdoors but not in the bar. Alcohol helps only when you drink. In the morning you will steel feel bad if not worse, and after yoga - you will be happy.

PS Guys, cellulite is best fighted with yoga.

Так что, берите коврик и боритесь со своими переживаниями в зале-дома-на природе, а не в баре. Алкоголь помогает только тогда, когда вы пьете. Утром вам будет обязательно плохо, а после йоги - вы станете счастливым.
П.С. Ребята, от целлюлита лучше всего помогает растяжка, которой в йоге хоть отбавляй.

In my next post I'll tell you how to use yoga to cure disease, boost your immune system and get rid of cellulite.

В следующих постах я вам расскажу, как с помощью йоги вылечить свои болезни, повысить иммунитет и накачать внушительные бицепсы.

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Beautiful girl! <3

Not only is yoga one of the #1 major path to healing, but alcohol is the #1 gateway drug as well as a major destroyer of our body... There's no competition between the two. You look fabulous too with all this yoga. Thrive on, namaste :)


Strange thing is alcohol, especially the correct type of booze in moderation is an excellent body lubricant.

The trouble is 95 % of people do not understand alcohol or abuse alcohol, thus wine etc gets a poor bad reputation; but alcohol is actually prescribed by the medical profession for some serious health diseases . . .

But like "first impressions are the most important" once you have a poor reputation it is nearly impossible to repair that damaged image. The harsh reality is marijuana makes people relaxed, tolerant and many users find things amusing rather than confrontational. (No I do not use weed, well last time was 1982 approx. : ) yeah; well, what can I tell you; I am old, and wise :)

Alcohol creates violence, social disorder and destroys relationships and disrupts family lives especially for children. So while alcohol is a great substance truly it should be banned since humans are to willful and uneducated to understand and use it safely...

( To society alcohol has had devastating effects; to give an alternate example, imagine you could get a plane or helicopter licence with exactly the same level of instruction and licencing requirements are a car licence, imagine people flying over metropolitan areas with that level of skill. That is how most people interact with alcohol; irresponsibly and without conscious thought for their actions or inactions especially towards others )

Simply in summary; alcohol should be banned for the safety of society and weed made far more widely available, and I myself do not even use the pot. I have just seen the devastation alcohol has brought so many lives...

/ hugz ;)


I subscribe under each your word! Everything you said is true.


All that you say is true! I agree.
Namaste :)

Personally I am against yoga; i dislike saying that because so many people love yoga and it is simply the almost perfect health benefit to a persons lifestyle.

Breathing fitness, lowering risk of disease or injury, flexibility, immune or depression /anxiety and other mental health issues, digestion, heart, blood pressure, diabetes or metabolic syndrome. All these will benefit from yoga...

The trouble is 99 % are like me and too unfit to do intense things like yoga and Pilates. Simply what is the point of me trying to get fit and getting injured for 3 weeks?

Yes accidents and injuries happen with any sedentary or active lifestyle and if you are careful and follow proper instruction and use common sense you are extremely unlikely to get injured with yoga or Pilates.

In the New Age mentality of the Information Age people with Credit Cards expect instant results; therefore with such options and choices it is impossible to use common sense, to understand proper form when doing the programs and how is a novice to find convenient authoritative safe instruction. . .

Reality says the models you see doing yoga are in fact semi-professional athletes; they have spent years working up to down dogs and shoulder stands and read, written, studied and taught with seriously experienced instructors. Essentially they are gym junkies addicted to the endorphin's and lifestyle benefits from these 5,000 year old proven exercise systems.

For the mere mortals who do not want to join the hugely lengthening lines of doctors appointment waiting lists for yoga injuries I have created a 5 or 6 minute a day home program...

A convenient in home routine of 5 or 6 exercises where it is virtually impossible to risk serious injury, 300 seconds per day; no heavy breathing, no pain, no sweating. Plus best of all once you have completed this program for a while you will be smart enough, safe enough, strong enough and fit enough for real exercising like yoga or Pilates.

( I outline a thumb sketch exercise program outline on my steemit blog; but basically it is designed around safety and to hit all the key core and major combination muscle groups ) . . .

Less than one percent of your day to radically reduce your risks to dozens of diseases or injuries, how can that be a bad thing ...

/ hugz ; )

: ) You introduce your post; take a look at my photos . . .

So these are selfies, congrats nice bod : ) (body)

/ hugz ; )


thank you!

You are very charming, I'm your new fan..


Thank you :) PSYDUCK xD

yes yoga should be a topic of study at school for all of the world. Maybe people would be less unhealthy and function better as individuals so lifting the community strength up as a whole .....


Totally agree with you! A sound mind in a sound body.


id love to give it a go, but i am very tall and i am not as young as i used to be, but hey why not teach an old dog a new trick here with your posts !!


Do not be upset! Do yoga every day and you make the splits


hahahahaha !! yes but maybe the last thing i ever do ??

practice yoga for a better future.. both physically and mentally..


Totally agree with you! :)

There really is nothing more beautiful and sexy than a very flexible woman, thanks for sharing and promoting physical yoga, the art of flexibility :)

I'm literally just about to go out to film myself doing the splits for an upcoming vlog post here on Steemit. Keep up the great work :)


Yoga deserves respect! :) Thank you for reading!

Glad to see you have discovered yoga. Your asanas' look great, good attention to detail. Keep it up -- dedication can be tough and remember, meditation after a nice long session is key...


Thanks for the good advice!

А что это за браслет у вас на руке на 3-й, 4-й фото? Он что-то значит?


Подарок со Шри Ланки! Очень много для меня значит, так как подарок от любимого человека. :)


Спасибо за ответ. А на голове стоите? Часто очень эффектно смотрится, особенно на особом фоне.


И на голове стою.) В следующих постах будет больше фото и инструкций, так что подписывайтесь чтоб не пропустить. :) Спасибо

Amazing! I wish I could do that.


Diligence is the mother of success.

like your ex-boyfriend was able to get away from a girl ?? eh ...


he was a complete fool. Now I'm grateful to him, because I met a new wonderful man


Good luck to you!

I wish I could be so flexible!


Begin to engage in, and all you get!

Beatiful girl. Nice post :)


Мотивирующий пост)
Так и захотелось коврик взять!!!


Я очень этому рада! Главное успеть достать коврик, до того как желание погаснет :)


Хорошо сказала - коврик взять )))
Не растяжкой заняться, не на руках постоять, а просто взять коврик! ))

И самое забавное, что даже до коврика не дошла! По кнопкам стучать вот наша ёга ))

Awesome & Beautiful! :)


I'm starting to feel a shy

Yes... you are beautiful so I upvoted you... :) :).. but anyway thank's for sharing your knowledge :)


and thank you for the reading :)

Can you teach us how to do yoga?


Oh sure! Follow me and I will write in my blog @maryfromsochi

Согласен йога исцеляет и дает долголетие.


и не поспоришь :)