Episode 2 - Time for Yoga and maybe a little bit of introspection ~video~

in #yoga4 years ago

Hello Yogis! Fall is here <3 And here is a video I made a couple of days ago at Bastyr University on a very cold day :-D

If there is one time during every year that makes me think of transformation and change the most, that is the season of Fall >

Time for some more self-care and self-love too. And as there probably isn't too much of that Greek summer tan left on me (it didn't stand a chance in cloudy Washington anyway) what I am left with is the experiences and memories of a whole year, brewing in my mind and slowly distilling facts into knowledge.

Psychologists say that it takes a few months to a few years for that new information to sink in and kick in.

Meaning, it takes a while for it to become part of one's toolbox before it can be used in real life. I like to believe that by taking some time to contemplate every big event or fast-paced period in my life, I can actually speed this process up and I also like to think that forming this kind of habit could potentially save me a lot of "hurt" time in this lifetime by keeping me from repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Although at the same time I am a firm supporter of one making the same mistake time and time again and waiting as ridiculously long as needed because sometimes that's what it takes. Been there, done that A LOT too.

The right moment is called that for a reason, right?

So what I'm thinking is let's take some time during this beautiful season of Fall to just stop and notice how we're feeling, how other people make us feel and also what the impact of our own decisions is on our own lives. Sometimes that's all it takes for us to come to this Aha! moment of realization that's going to be the beginning of everything.

Such as "I don't like my job anymore, but what would I really like to do?" or "being with this person is not making me happy anymore and that is ok" or "I need to stop hanging out with this person because they're holding me down" or "I'm going to start working out or eat healthier" or you name it.

Change is scary but happiness is on the other side of FEAR.

See you soon!!



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Good picture of yoga

It's a video! Thank you :-)

Looll.. Yes Indeed... Keep going

Great video! I always enjoy being able to practice yoga outside, although it's starting to get cold so got to get in those asanas outside while we still can :)

Thank you my dear and yes it's starting to get too cold to practice outside, except for running maybe!
Following you :-)

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Such cool information @bitgeek! Will check out the link :-D Didn't know I was Dust! lol Upvoted (not that it makes a difference haha)

This is awesome , followed you too see more of your yoga posts! Hope you'll do the same @sahana-yoga . Thanks for motivating us.

Hi! Followed you too because I loved your cover :-)
I'll keep motivating for sure ;-) Have an awesome day!

I'm a Yoga beginner. hope to see my insights of Yoga here. I also write my journal. welcome to visit my blog ))

I read some of your posts, they seem nice! Keep practicing my dear <3

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