Tadasana feet together - Basic alignments (Video)

in yoga •  8 months ago

Tadasana is the mother of all asanas IMHO.

If you learn and practice Tadasana at the beginning of each yoga session it will become way easier to adjust yourself while in other poses too.

At first glance, Tadasana doesn't look spectacular, for sure you won't get extra likes for your Insta pics while practicing it. ;) But it does help you build a solid ground for all the other asanas because most of the fine adjustments in Tadasana are sought after in many other postures.

For example, the shoulders down and back and the rolled tailbone are also required while in Downward facing dog or Utkatasana (Chair pose) or in any of the Warrior poses.

While my execution is far from perfect (I should have had the eyes of the elbows and the palms better aligned facing each other as well as the wrists better aligned with the palms) these instructions should give you a solid base for your Tadasana.

I hope you’ll find this useful. If so, do let me know in the comments, or with your upvotes & resteems. Thanks.


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Good yoga tutorial @raluca , will be helpful for international yoga day later this month.

Interesting and helpful post .

Yoga is very important in our body , says health is wealth . So regularly try to yoga .

Upvote you ...

Thanks for sharing @raluca

@raluca very nice DTube lesson

Interresting, I'm not sure if you've advantages by making these gymnastic exercises, but I want to give this possibility a chance and will start to test this.

Thank you for sharing your art with us, greetings!

great job keep it going.
I enjoyed your video.