Spreading the love by sharing:)

in #yoga5 years ago (edited)

Just wanted to state here that it is a personal goal of mine to clone and share as many fig trees as i can with people via the Props4Crops community. As well as other plants of course. But why fig trees? Well, simply because they are delicious and easy to clone and i love to eat them:) They are a wonderful tree to have in your yard or grow indoors. We had a fig tree in my yard and it's really awesome to walk outside on a beautiful summer morning and pick fresh figs every day for a few months and eat them right then and there off the tree:) And i want to share that with as many people as possible. Simple pleasures are the best. And sometimes living the good life really is that simple:) Here's an image of my indoor tree just starting to sprout again after last autumn/early winter. As i mention in a previous post this tree was a gift from a neighbor and i intend to pay that gift forward many times over to people and encourage them to do the same for others when their figs grow to cloneable size:) 1 luv:) 2017-12-01_14-53-29_+0.0Ev.jpg

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