Khorshid Amir (Short film)

in yoga •  2 years ago

Khorshid Amir is a great short film by my friend Johannes Blume. I hope you enjoy his work.

"A short portrait of Khorshid Amir's work. The idea was to create an intimate essay film which reflects her work as a yoga teacher, a holistic coach and energetic healer."

A big thank you to Himmelbeet in Wedding / Berlin for letting us into their beautiful garden!

With the friendly assistance of wildheartfreesoul, providing a beautiful arrangement of an ancient Sufi Killim and pillows as well as their Kilim-Temple studio and a place in their hearts.

Director / Editor : Johannes Blume
Director of Photography : David Schittek
Boom Operator : Simon Blume, Alexander Gorny
Composer / Sound Design: Markus "Hossi" Hossack
Film Title Design: Nadja Hossack and Simon Blume

Khorshid Amir

Nadja Hossack

Franziska Bittner
Luke Brotherton
Magda Torres
Violeta Leiva Martinez
Friederike Level
Otto Birnbaum

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