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A little transformatiom shot. These are one year apart. I wasn’t warmed up in either one. In fact, I had just come out of the cold river on the more recent. Something that has really helped me with wheel is remembering it’s a chest opener not a back stretch. Of course, your back is a major component but, approaching the pose keeping my chest at the forefront has really changed it for me. I engage my legs more and really push out through my chest. B52939BE-85E7-476C-B0FD-8B77E561C551.jpegHere you can see a dramatic 3 month difference as well. I recently got back from a road trip where I didn’t do any #chataranga and I think it helped me open my chest some more. A while ago, I took a workshop from @beachyogagirl and I remember her saying that sometimes it’s okay to lose a little muscle to work on flexibility. I guess that’s what happened here. I’m finally feeling the energy that is associated with wheel. It’s such a pick me up which I never experienced before. Asana is really just partytricks of a true practice but, the artist in me likes to see the shapes I can make and moving energy and hacking my bodies systems sure is empowering. Not to mention, learning new tricks at 40 feels great. 6CAD2151-9543-44B3-A94E-43F120BDA647.jpeg

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You swim in cold rivers? That takes guts. LOL


They’re not too bad. Getting warmer by the minute.