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Hello Day 2 How YOU doin. <3

Today's class was all about shoulderstand, an inversion i really love because that feeling of all the fluids draining from your feet at the end of a long day really can't be matched.

If you have a job where you're standing all day this one is SO for you, but if you have any neck issues whatsoever I'd be SUPER careful or just try Legs Up The Wall pose to start. Especially before bed it's divine...

Going into today's practice I was feeling kindof annoyed and on edge about a few logistics things but this one really sorted me right out.The thing with a pose like this is that the slightest change in your posture means you're either toppling over or potentially really hurting yourself. It's a pose that demands mindfulness, and is a brain flex as much as a body one.

As a desk seated keyboard warrior that bit of mind body awareness was what I needed and I'm feeling pretty damn good with a nice new energy flush to bring me through the rest of the day.

I hope yall enjoy, let me know how Day2 went for you if you choose to practice with me today<3

sweet lord I love that cattle doggo so much <3

🌱 Today's video | Foundations Of Shoulder Stand | Candle Pose [31:51]: LINK

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Glad that I came across this challenge. I think it is exactly what I need.

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Ha! I've been following Adriene for years and I just came across your post as soon as I finished this very video - how cool is that? It is indeed an amazing position and this sounds like a cool challenge! :)


no way!! that makes me so stoked to hear <3 how did you do with the shoulderstand? I found the blanket made it way harder? Maybe that's because i had done it before?


Hmm I liked the blanket, though I also like it without. I guess it depends on the individual...:D But I loved the practice as a whole, particularly that she integrated other poses, you know, didn't just do the shoulderstand.

Hey you need to set your Discord link to never expire? As it won't work for me.

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oh my! let me double check that ! here's the new link thanks @riverflows!

That pose looks so comfi. I stand up for 8 hours and sit a lot at home. So I will try this. Thanks!

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you'll love it, let me know how it goes for you, my favorite is to do it just before bed <3