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It's just 20 minutes, this will be a breeze right?? LOL! Oh Dayle you should know better by now. This practice although fast moving wasn't hard, it was just that, fast moving. If you're an uber beginner take it easy on this one and sit poses out if you're falling behind.

One thing I've learned is that rushing just to be able to say "you did it" is a quick way to hurt yourself. Be kind to yourself, do what you can and go at your own pace and you'll feel as awesome as I do right now. This one is getting bookmarked for a "I dont have time for this sh*t" practice.

also, totally my bad it seems I had a bunko Discord link in the last two posts so if you weren't able to join and would like to, it's fixed now- sorry!

Phew! Where's my water!

🌱 Today's video | Yoga For Stress Relief [37:35]: LINK

⚡️ Full December Playlist: LINK

💕 Download Your Own Calendar Here: LINK

👾 Join Us on Discord: LINK

#If you're only just discovering these posts it's ok! Jump in with us at any time and use #HopeHolidayYoga so we can find eachother <3

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