Hi Clara,
yes I did, thank you for sharing. I, by myself have difficulties to follow the meaning, acctually. I am pretty much with the acient teachings of India, and I do not know how to integrate the womb-priestess in this. To me it seems to be a totaly different concept. What do you think?

Oh, ok I understand. No to me they are very related. I am also strongly rooted in the ancient teachings of India, but feel they also originate from the power of creation of the cosmic womb and the blueprint we have of that in our female bodies. The gnostic teachings in the west that relate to that same principle often even have ancient ties to India. Like Jesus has studied in India also and I believe he was Married to Mary of Magdalene who studied in Egypt with the priestesses of Isis for example. You have (female) Khandro's in Buddhism that have attained enlightenment through their wombs. It is even said Buddha became enlightened with the help of a woman and her womb. All teachings of the sacred feminine come down to the same essentials I think. The power of the womb and our surrender and receptivity.

"All teachings of the sacred feminine come down to the same essentials I think."

yes, I totally agree. I just simply can´t bring it together right now. I mean, what does it mean, to find enlightment through the womb. Practically, how is it related to me? Has surrender and receptivity something to do with the womb? Perhaps it has something to do with grounding the devine? I think, I need grounding for my inner priestess first, before giving birth to something anything.

Interesting! Yes grounding is definitely a prerequisite to manifest anything.Surrender and receptivity are to me qualities of our feminine side and are indeed related to our feminine organs that are even shaped to recieve. I find that surrender and receptivity help me with grounding.

I guess, i agree with surrender and receptivity as a feminin and a grounding quality. I am just not so focused on putting it in "gender/organ matters", as i don't see the relevant point about it. For my part, surrender and receptivity are attetudes in which i become better and better, taught by life and faith. It's a process, in which I have agreed to walk many years ago. And i have to agree, still, everytime, when it is time to walk further. I believe, at a certain point, grounding takes place - by grace, at least. It's more likely a Descent, than a Ascent. And the mind wobbles between fear, impatience, disbelieve and, at least, finding trust in the great spirit of the NOW.
So, the question is: what does it matter if it is reflected in our female organs?

I am very grateful for this talk, as I never thought about it before.

Beautiful that you are walking this path of surrender. I also have a question for you: Why wouldn't it matter that receptivity and surrender are reflected in our wombs ( and hara's for men).?

I don´t know, as I had my question about it. It doesn´t matter which way around you are going to formulate it. I don´t know, why it would, or why it wouldn´t matter. It´s just like it is.
I just had a look at the website, as you told me, but it doesn´t tell me anything, nor does it touch me. So, i think it´s not for me, thats all. It says:
"If you feel CALLED to live and embody these words, then Womb Awakening is the path for you" - well, I do a lot what is named in this "vow", but I don´t feel called. I also do not feel the need to bring it down to the womb. I also do not make "vowes" as we know already, that "vows" can be troublemaker in the future, or, even confusing next life.

So, better you tell me why, or why not, should it matter that receptivity and surrender are reflected in our wombs?

Wow this seems to bring some fire up in you does it not?
I ask the question that way around because it makes more sense to me like that. For me it is so obvious that a life giving organ (the womb) has a place in our spirituality, that the question 'Why would it matter?' seems like a weird one to me and straight away brings on the opposite question: Why not? I think it matters because the womb is the physical centre for qualities like receiving and surrender. Just as the heart is the physical centre for love. It can be used as a key by focussing on the physical centre to access those qualities if you 'feel called' but by all means don't if you don't feel like it. ;-)

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