Steemit December - A Beginner's Beginning On the Platform

in yoga •  2 years ago 

Admittedly I am a newbie to the crypto game. I had a friend who has been practicing yoga in my studio and he recently told me about what was happening with a variety of cypto-currencies which I became very fascinated with almost immediately.

As many of you probably are, I am a person who is fascinated with a wide variety of things in the world and I find myself working in a variety of ways to make money and serve my fellow man. One way is teaching yoga which I once heard as the study of "the patterns that patterns make".

I have loved this description of the ancient art of yoga. It is an informal description obviously, but one that resonates with me and informs so much of what I feel about it. It also strikes me as something that applies a bit to the crypto world in underlying spirit. IMG_3691.JPG

I have also had many years of experience in the production business around music, visuals and other multi-media musings, so am fascinated with Steemit as a platform to see how an ecosystem of value and expression can be sustained through a strong community.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be writing posts and sharing content around yoga, music and a variety of topics that will hopefully be interesting and/or helpful.

It's kind of like stuff in our house: "Let us only be surrounded by things that are useful or beautiful".

....or maybe interesting.

I look forward to seeing what happens in this space. Stay tuned!!

PS: As a musician I work on a variety of projects. One project I am really stoked about is curating a lot of music that I teach yoga to ------>>>>


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Nice write up brother! I look forward to your interesting perspectives on this new space. Keep the great tunes coming!!!

Nice write up brother! I look forward to your interesting perspectives on this new space. Keep the great tunes coming!!!


thanks my man. Looking forward to seeing what Steemit is all about.


Do you offer resteem? I offer resteem @justbone

Welcome! Excited to follow your posts


thank you my man!

Welcome...its a nice write up. Its inspirational

The perspective and dedication of a yogi should serve you well in the crypto era. Embrace the uknown and prosper, fellow traveler.