Yoga day celebrates, more than 50000 admirers to participate with Prime Minister Modi

in yoga •  6 months ago

Today Prime Minister Modi celebrates 4th International Yoga Day at the iconic British-era building of Forest Research Institute campus in Dehradun.
More than 50000 participants join PM Modi and perform Asans. Today all the world celebrates Yoga Day.
On December 11, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 as International Day Yoga. While suggesting June 21 as the date at the UNGA, the prime minister said that the date is one of the two solistices - the longest day - in the northern hemisphere. Stay with our live blog to catch the latest updates from across the nation and the globe.
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Yoga is art of living Life..🏃

Thanks for the information i would like to add a bit about this topic

Today Sun is completing its North run (Uttarayan) and moving to Dakshinayana (South), this was the day when AdiYogi the first yogi who was the incarnation of Lord Shiva gave the knowledge of yoga to the seven sages in the Himalayan region and hence is celebrated as the INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY

yoga best for body yog a

That's one of the best thing Prime Minister Modi did for our country. He is a leader who lead from front.