Yinyang Photo Challenge

in yinyang •  3 years ago
  1. Elon Musk

(2. The abundant world of nature

(3. Children & Grandchildren

(4. Music

“Well I ain’t on the left/

And I ain’t on the right/

I ain’t even sure/

I got a dog in this fight”

~Tom Petty

(5. The creative process,

(1. World Financial System :(

Really the only problem. This says it all..... as soon as we start a new de-centralized world, we are on our way to fixing most of the worlds problems. That's why I appreciate the whole focus on crypto currencies, and de-centralized applications. Thank you to all you programmers and innovators out there, you are leading the way to our new world, a better world.

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Hello @ajavajive,
This is really amazing infographic to show the branding and logos.
You could use this to teach at business school!