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Welcome everyone to my page again for another edition of an in-depth review and discussion about everything crypto and projects inside the space. Today, let me talk about the different aspects of the Yield Bank ecosystem and its features for the betterment of the DEFI ecosystem. All of my posts are about educational purposes as always. Let's get into the discussion about Yield Bank.


What is Yield Bank and how does it work?

---> I have read the blog/Medium posts of the Yield Bank or yB project and I have seen that in their posts, they are key focusing on solving the liquidity of most assets and keeping the value of the assets being in their liquidity pool. How? By having the yB token as well as the yCASH token. As can be obviously seen in their project name, 'Yield' and 'bank', it is like they are decentralizing the banking system. Why did I say this? It is because first of all, they are tokenizing assets that can be staked in their platform as well as in their liquidity pools. Another thing that could be seen is the usage of an internal account number when you are holding the yB token. It shows that once you hold yB tokens, you can access and allowed to use the Yield Bank platform and enjoy the benefits of being a holder because you will have unlimited access to their features and how they are 'adopting' the long-term aspect of crypto in their platform.

I also saw that once you are into the long-term vision with YB, you can see that they can cater to retirement funds thru their staking program, trade your liquidity provider tokens as well as have 401K accounts that are specified for yB token holders! Amazing! I will detail it in the next section for you guys to understand it.


Yield Bank unique features built for the community

1. yGasaver


---> I know that you can relate especially if you are into DEFI, you are always annoyed with those high gas fees just to swap or execute a smart contract. Most of the time, not only once you need to do this but you need to repeat the steps just to have your swap or trade or staking to get executed by the blockchain. If it is congested, you will need to wait or raise your bid for the gas for you to get first into the line than the others. Well, worry no more! Yield Bank team has a built-in feature named yGasaver. Basically, if you are going to swap, add liquidity and stake, you will need to do these steps one-by-one with different amounts of gas fees. With Yield Bank's Ygasaver, they will automate it and do the work easier for you and in just one transaction! Saving your ETH against gas fees and you will get more value for your ETH in the long term.

And let me tell you guys, there is also what we call as 'auto-compounding' feature in the YB's platform alongside the yGasaver. So whenever you are staking or Yield farming under Yield Bank, the proceeds can be automated to get auto-compounded as time goes by. For example, 75% will auto-compound and 25% will go to your yield balance. It is really up to you in fine-tuning it.

2. Autonomous Market Buy Back


---> If you were to ask me what is this mechanism of Yield Bank, this is a type of mechanism wherein the fees and revenues that are going into the ecosystem with certain percentages starting from the stakers, liquidity providers and traders will go back to the liquidity pool to buy back the certain amount for each period of time to create always a 'buy' position. It gives the Yield Bank ecosystem more power for buyers and encourages buyers to hold the yB tokens and yCash tokens long term.

3. Infinite Rewards


---> When we say Infinite rewards, they literally mean forever. That is correct! This has something to do with the Yield Bank's LP token. Their smart contract says that the liquidity you provided will be producing YB LP token. Wherein they will also create a market for the Yield Bank's LP token. The LP token in the pool is now producing rewards while still being staked in there.

4. Full Statements of Asset Allocations


---> Once you register with Yield Bank, you will be able to see your statement of account. As I talked about with you guys earlier, Yield Bank seems to be like a decentralized bank in my opinion and gives you the security of blockchain with the feel of a decentralized bank. Your ETH account or any other blockchain account once you register it with them, they have the technology to have it registered and extract all of the necessary information regarding the staking rewards, yield farming yields, balances, etc.

5. Off-Chain Trading


---> Being in the DEFI space and crypto space for so long, we do know the capabilities and limitations of each blockchain. With the congestion in the ETH space happening these past few months, there is a need for the developers to create scaling solutions to this congestion. There is what we call Layer-2 solutions. Wherein also called off-chain trading and then after the trading off-chain, the transactions will be verified by taking it back to the blockchain for validation purposes. You just saved gas fees and make the transactions quicker. That is also what will Yield Bank is going to do. Plus with the help of AI and their specialized bots being programmed to do the trading off-chain. Pure genius!

6. DEFI Futures trading


---> With the birth of DEFI this year, you will also see in Yield Bank's platform wherein you could trade futures contracts, derivatives, and those that could be having margin trading with leverages. Maximizing yields for those sophisticated investors and traders. Aside from that, with your stablecoins and yB tokens of course to use the platform, the YB team is planning to not only have the futures trading in crypto but also with other commodities as well for expansion.

7. Staking

---> This is one of the oldest forms to earn cryptocurrency and to secure the network. By holding the yB tokens and yCas tokens which are both deflationary tokens, means that over time, they will appreciate in value. Aside from that, the developers made a system to have the selling pressure resisted and reward those who hold the 2 tokens. Ycash is always meant for rewarding the protocol users and has a larger supply than yB tokens.

8. Vaults and 401k vaults

---> This is the powerful vaults of the Yield Bank. This is wherein automated trading and market-making and seeking where the best yields are in different protocols and investing in it. Maximizing gains throughout the duration of the staking period of an investor as long as the yields are still being reinvested compounding. With their 401k vaults, the safety of the money will be assured and has a steady income perfect for the income of people who wants steady cashflow.

9. The people's fund

---> To simplify this one, every trade, buy or sell, and transfer has a small tax and will be going back to the ecosystem to be distributed to the holders of the native tokens of Yield Bank. Perfect for passive income.

yB token---> The deflationary token and limited supply of 75,000. It does have the position to rule the ecosystem of YB. It has the capabilities like the CORE token but with the developers, original and dynamic approach to have this token be used for different strategies for DEFI dapps.

yCash token---> The rewards token for liquidity providers and ecosystem participants. The more liquidity tokens with value are locked in the pool, the higher will the value be of this token.

This project is backed by different venture capital backers in the space. This is a serious project guys that will benefit all of those who believed in it. They are also partnered with Winjit company which is an AI company that has a different offices around the globe.




Let me show you guys the roadmap for December onwards. You may still check the entire roadmap here: http://yieldbank.finance/roadmap.html














Thank you so much guys for reading our featured blockchain project for today. To summarize about Yield Bank, this project will make the other latest DEFI to be outdated already. This project takes care of the community as can be seen in their efforts to always have sustainability in the liquidity pools and trading. Saving their precious crypto for other uses for their users. A decentralized bank of yield with a heart.

For more information, you may go ahead and reach out to them to their website, white paper, and social media channels below:

Website: http://yieldbank.finance/landing-page.html

Lite whitepaper: http://yieldbank.finance/assets/pdf/yb_whitepaper_lite.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yieldbank

Telegram: https://t.me/YieldBank

Medium: https://yieldbank.medium.com/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4DrKFzJ

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