Youtubers For My Students: OnePercentBetter

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OnePercentBetter is another youtube channel about personal development. Though it has two specialties in comparison to ones I previously presentent.


It is specificaly rendered to boys and men. It gives dating and relationships advice for men, talks about increasing the
testosterone (male hormone) level and some things more.

The second aspect OnePercentBetter is not only focussing on the mind but also on the body. It has some very interesting videos about
biohacking, meaning to improve a healty body further.

I can not fully check the background of all the biohacking videos, as I am a chemist and not a doctor and for some biohacking ideas
there is simply a lack of reliable studies, so I can not recommend every video on this channel to my students.

Also OnePercentBetter has beside the typical 10 minute-videos some really long vides exceeding the 30-minute-mark. I personally like that a lot but for many of my students, specially the younger ones, it is too long.

The channel is strongly monetized with youtube adwords and selling own products. I thing it reflects the value provided and enables the youtuber to create good content on a certain level of independence, so I can accept it.

I want to recommend one of the videos I like most, as it is about a body-improvement-topic: It is the summery of Daniel Lieberman's "The Story Of The Human Body". The video delivers easy understandable insides, is moderate and gives some own experiences of the youtuber.

Do you like this channel? Which videos would you recommend, which would you not?

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