Youtubers For My Students: illacertus

in #yfms4 years ago

illacertus is a strategy youtuber. It is less about personal development and more about leader ship and power.


Though illacertus has the standad personal development videos, it is overall a much darker shade of youtube. Of course, I do not want to teach my students how to become a tyrant. But I want them to recognize and prevent tyrants. Some of my students have a great leadership potential. In my opinion, one of the most demanded ressources is leadership.

The animations are more or less composed from standard grafics but this channel stand out because of its topics.

illacertus is morderately monetized. It has youtube adwords activated on most of its videos but does not much more in this area.

One of my favorite videos ist about the book "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emmerson. I liked the author before, as I consider him to be quite modern though he died in 1882. The message of this book, the video respectively, is so important for my students. So many of them look at the others and become just another sheep of the herd.

Do you like illacertus and will you recommend it to your students?

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