Yensesa 1st Month Token Burn

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Fellow Yensesarians,

In accordance with our token(YENT) burning policy, we have now completed the burn of 2,140.0000 YENT from the open market. This is about 1,391 BTS equivalent for the month of July.

Burn tx history can be found here

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 4.28.51 PM.png

Thanks for your support!

Yensesa Team


The concept of burning YENT tokens is an incredibly smart move that will largely benefit stakeholders unlike the conventional financial world.

Yensesa will soon take over Africa.

You should make some videos on youtube explaining the need to Burn Currencies and how You are the OPPOSITE of Zimbabwe, how YOU in Ghana actually BURN your excess currency!

Deflation vs Inflation.

Hello from Canada!
Love this community, thanks for the update.

@mulletwang, thank you very much.

Wow😵... Please how can i get this token ? @yensesa

You can send a mininum of 5 SDB to @yensesa with your bts username as a memo. Every 5 SBD will give you 25 YENT.

Thanks a lot

and also you can join our curation party today @7pm UTC

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I see a bright future for the community, long live Africa, Long live Yensesa

Nice burn,You care about the value of this token!
You are good for your word,that's rare!!!!

Thank you @tbnfl4sun

Just bought 20 of them. Hope to buy more soon.

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