Senate votes to talk about Yemen

in #yemen4 years ago

In an unusual turn of events, the Senate made its first step in seizing the unregulated military actions of the executive branch. In a 63-37 vote, a bill that would cut aid to Saudi Arabia, halting our support of the genocide in Yemen, will be considered. Yay!

While this is only a first step, it's in a direction that gives me hope. Congress deserves a say in the military actions all over the middle East. We need to remember that pre-9/11 and the Patriot act, we weren't allowed to just bomb places willy nilly without approval. Our representatives suck most of the time, but they need to at least have the ability to check the executive branch. This was a good place to start.

It took a lot - the bombings of hospitals and school busses, images of starving children, and an unapologetic campaign spear-headed by Bernie Sanders to vocalize these issues and demand change.

Stay vigilant, stay vocal in support of this bill, stand against Saudi Arabia, stand against war, stand for human rights and remember that we have to FIGHT a constant battle if we want to keep our country on the right side of things. Support Bernie Sanders 2020 bid.


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