"I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one." _ Edna St. Vincent Millay 🌻 My entry for the #Yellowflowerday contest by @petals 🌻

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Hi my dear Steemians!

As you know, I love photography and contests ^^ For the first time, I won the 4th place of The Petals Contests: #yellowflowerday. Our weekly selection 16. The Winners!. Thank you @petals =D!!! I am so happy !!!

I love this kind of competition because you can discover the exceptional work of the Steemians and reward it. It's also another way to interact with new people who share the same passion.
By the way, I'm thinking about a new contest so stay connected my friends!

Today I'm a challenger and this is my entry for the #yellowflowerday contest by @petals! This is a wonderful idea of two amazing photographers @adrianobalan and @sardrt. To know more about this contest, click here! ^^.


I love to find this kind of wonderful gift on my way in l'Escala (Catalogna, Spain).


I am lucky to live near the Costa Brava, a Spanish region whose fauna and flora is very rich and diverse! I discover species that we have no or little in the north of France (which I am from). I take this opportunity to share them with you =)


There are a multitude of beautiful flowers to see and I wanted to capture his image to keep it in my mind and share it with you especcally for this contest! Flowers put on color and love in our lives, we must take care of them!

It is not easy to photograph something alive like this flower that moves with the wind. But it's a good exercise to practice patience ^^. This photo was taken with my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 because at the moment I do not have professional equipment but it will come ...

Thank you @petals for organizing this kind of contest I find it really fun!
Have a nice day and Good Luck to all the challengers!


As promised I will organize a new contest soon! I would like this time to increase the earnings to have more rewarded winners. For example, a big price for the 1st one but also prices for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

I saw the quality of the photos in my last contest and I must say that I was very frustrated about not being able to give more prizes.

I saw that there is sponsorship for other contests here in Steemit. I would like to understand the way these contests receive these funds.

That's why, I need your help my friends! Feel free to contact me on Steemit.chat if :

  • You are actually sponsoring contests or want to help with me with next one.
  • You know the way the sponsorships are made and can help me to understand it better.
  • You know Steemians that usually bring funds to the contests prize pools.

I hope in a close future to be able to build big prize pools and bring these contest to the next step.

The goal is to reward quality work on this platform. Of course this time I will be more demanding on the rules to avoid the plagiarism of photos. I saw that it was done a lot in the competitions and I refuse to reward work that would not be original!

Thank you for your support and see you soon for a new contest !!!

If you liked reading this article or enjoy the pictures, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always pleasant =D. Thank you all for your support. See you soon for new flamingirl's adventures in the Canary Islands!!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀 with love...

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lovely flowers..

It's Sining & grow only sunlight.

Wonderful photography @flamingirl. Awesome image of an absolutely beautiful flower. Love the enwrgwtic petals and the two colored blend. Keep up the good work.


Thanks @kamrankhan900 and now thanks to @sallybeth23, I know the name of this flower is called Gazania =D.
Just a question : why are your comments always double?

Wonderful photography @flamingirl. Awesome image of an absolutely beautiful flower. Love the enwrgwtic petals and the two colored blend. Keep up the good work.

@flamingirl Maybe you could charge people an entrance fee to your contest depending on their rep number - I would pay 65c to enter each round. You got over a hundred entrants each round last macro contest so it could add up nicely


I follow you, you follow me


It's not a bad idea, I'll think about it! Thank you for your help =)

@flamingirl To tell the truth, yellow flowers attract people, and besides this flower can not be said to look so beautiful, what is the flower?where are this beautiful flower??? signature_1.gif

I congratulate you for your achievement, I do not doubt that you will continue to win, these flowers are beautiful, I loved them.

That’s is so awesome that you won the petals contest, you deserve to for sure. That is a stunning gazania and everyone melts at the sight of them 💛❤️💚


@sallybeth23 You seem to know MANY names of flowers! =0 Gazania, I love this name =D


Thank you, well I lived in Spain for some years so know some of yours 😉


Really!?! Where??? 😲

Today I have also a post of yellow flower!
Feel free to see it @atuldwivedime

This is a very interesting contest, I really like this kind of contest.
Good luck to you.


Yes it is! =D
Thank you soooooo much my friend!


your welcome.

Beautiful flower

a beautiful flower like you, good contribution to that contest

ohh wao. these types of things are making our nature more beautiful and it shows the beauty of nature,
btw how did you took this pic. did you use any professional camera or just with your phone because the pic quality is also damn awsome..

Gorgeous yellow flower shots. I love yellow flowers the most.
Congratulations on winning the contest.
Like you said, I think this contest is so much fun and it brings happiness.
Have a great day @flamingirl


I love yellow flowers too! The color of the SUN =D
Yes it's really fun!
Have a nice day my dear Joanna 💚


I follow you, you follow me vote me

I also like yellowflower. You have a graet choice. Thanks, for sharing.


Thanks for your nice comment =D

such a beautiful and bright flower. also have a look at my post