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I mostly curate minnows to help their content get noticed. This is just a short rant about what’s going in our community. I stayed an independent WITNESS and for the COMMUNITY.

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Our community is strong, independent and will continue to strive. I will use my stake, all my investment to help the community to upvote and keep the excitement going.

Pardon my server dust, still upgrading my backup server ...
I am still here, witnessing, curating and having fun. Spare a vote for me or use me as your proxy.

Together we GROW.
Cheers for now and enjoy the ride.

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Seriously buildawhale downvoted my post? What's not to like with my post or offend you?

Whoever delegated to buildawhale account, maybe it's time to review your delegation and re-delegate to some account helpful to the community.

For those wondering why he was flagged, it is because he was spamming bible quotes across multiple accounts (10-20ish) and upvoting them all. He then threw a fit and revenge flagged comments for months.

Coming from someone who managed a lot of bid bots and other accounts raping the rewards. Unbelievable.

Downvoter hates when they get downvoted. Check how many times you downvoted my posts. I'm simply returning the favor, and guess you don't like it.

Please don't hate when I shared bible verses. You can simply mute my post just like I did to you so I don't see your negative posts.

Move on, life is short.

I'm sure you will downvote my comment, because you don't know how to communicate. And I will not be surprise that you will use your former bid bots account to downvote.

Vote @Yehey as one of your Witness, very active curating good content.

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LOL, promoting your own witness with your alt?

LOL, trying to hide the truth? That doesn't work anymore.

You don't know the truth. Check the timeline, you downvoted, then I counter upvote.

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