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I'm getting closer to my goal to invest 10,000 Steem. Today, I've purchased a 5028.008 STEEM and Power Up. That's more steem power to curate.

For next year Y2020. I'm looking forward to 30,000 STEEM total investment before the end of Y2020. I want to invest up to 50,000 STEEM but the 30,000 STEEM is attainable and not breaking the bank.

I encourage everyone to set a simple goal, to measure your success. A small investment to start that is comfortable to you. Keep in mind, this is a long term process. Be positive, save a little and start increasing your wealth.

This is my steem investment for Y2019. Not including the maintenance cost of my Witness servers and my time to manage it. I've used @blocktrades (blocktrades.us) to buy crypto.
2019‑10‑09 09:17:14 - 5028.008 STEEM added today.
2019‑09‑26 09:50:18 - 1564.64 STEEM
2019‑09‑12 09:13:10 - 1216.692 STEEM
2019‑08‑09 10:27:16 - 1331.856 STEEM
2019‑07‑23 14:50:43 - 118.572 STEEM
2019‑07‑22 12:47:38 - 482.068 STEEM
2019‑03‑30 13:30:39 - 66.376 STEEM

Investment Subtotal: 9,808.212 Steem for this year. My target investment before the end of the year is 10,000 Steem. I have 3 months to achieve my year end goal.

Image source: https://QUE.com

And for the Witness Servers update.

  • Primary Server. with the following hardware specifications. Plenty of room to grow.
  • 96 GB RAM
  • 16 vCPU
  • 1 TB Harddisk
  • version 0.22.1

My backup server is moving to another ISP. So, it will be offline for the next couple of weeks. Nothing to worry about, barely scratching the surface. We have plenty of witness servers above me. That's all for now.

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Nice crisp clean overview of your goals. You have inspired me to man up and do some more powering UP. Think I’ll set up some goals.

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Such energy and optimism!

Hey Yehey!

I just looked into your blog here. Do I understand this right, your mostly curating and not posting so much!?

Interesting, did your returns improve after the recent changes in STEEM?


Hi Lucky,

Yes mostly curation at this time. Less drama.

I’m not concern of return of investment at this time. As you know by now, I’m also a witness. Managing my own servers cost me a lot and losing money every month. I rather spend my servers monthly fees to buying more steem power. I will revisit this before my year-end renewals.

So far so good.

How about your return of investment?


I’ll post an update later.