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'the sphere is right this time' ... from twisted-the lost files (all lost in the great hard drive crash but some realaudio that was left on the website)

by MrMalice (= AlleyCat = me)


  • SO

i did what you asked, i spent money

i did the bidding of ojou-sama as well ... i just bought and asked no questions ... SO WHEN DO I SEE MY RETURNS ?

it says :


but the reaction and rep i get from people says it should do what it says ...

SO WHY DOES IT NOT, OJOU-SAMA ? (i dont wanna offend the japanese here but they should understand what i'm communicating here ...)

i could speak american and just say


that's more 'influence' every time ... i suspect you plan on taking the money and running off, cos if thats not your plan you are REALLY gonna amaze me with something cool

its europe here, gravelpits and gutterside

people are not as pigmentally challenged here - jails dont really have television gangs but kids think they do because of american TV ...

i'm starting to sound like a fucking molenbeque muslim collective lol

which i'm not

and the muslim i know who know me know i am who i am, as do the non pigmentally challenged africans, as do the non pigmentally challenged white boys and girls, even the extremes

i am the cat

that walks by himself and if all places were not alike to me

id be stuck with scoolbookbrain

like you

thing is : see, it's pay to talk, and no "normie", ojou-sama, no zero at all nill number of 'normies' are gonna pay to make a fucking post online if its just that ... i pay 1 steem i can post again , check it

three times out of RC

1 steem pays for a post

hm, that thing with "jeremy" ?
who's "jeremy", i dont know does it want to show itself ?
THAT thing ? i can NOT have people come up to my front door and threaten me with my life and then go like "ah its okay forget about it..." it HAS to stay and never go away so no one gets the idea

this is not beverly hills and this is not america and this is not mtv and this is not youtube ..

okay ?

do a favour and explain it so i dont have to cos it would get me trouble

there you go ojou-sama, the masses at your service (next thing you know they block the account and seize assets CUZ DRUGS ... sorry mate drugs are at least 20 years ago ...)
did Ned actually REALLY work for the NSA before this ?
cos he doesnt seem the whistleblower-type

Yea 1 steem seems to reset it to post again even with the whole shebang in it, not sure how RC is deducted on edits ...

anyway ...

i have always been here and i have ZERO intention of saving a world that fucked me in the ass ... but the government should give me a grant for educating white nazis, black niggers and americans all alike

... yea that n-word, right ? what about it ? who told you that its worth something ?

EUROTRASH , (thats me then , i guess)

but who are you ? Oprah or something or De slimste mens ter weereld maybe ? one of 'those' ... you pit the world against each other with your 'use of language' bullshit and you're too stupid to get it

Just one more check , so far its always been 1 steem and i can edit with the whole post to it

more guttertrash for yow-ass ... white trash in a black land but obviously not american style one-sided either

im NOT anti american, you're anti yourself ... you dont stand for what you speak for , you're like more the hot-air salesmen of the world who happen to have an army


but Trump is doing fine so far, unless he starts a war again to 'fix the economy'

until proven otherwise

1 steem ?

allright, but thats about 1 euro per 5 puppies posted, unemployed facebook people cant handle that but facebook lives from them ... they're the numbers and we got a lot of those here

ofcourse not overthere, where everybody works HARD and nobody is unemployed , OFCOURSE NOT


its not cuss since you dont speak dutch

neederlendz, same thing


cant always have berniesanders take the lead on the rant can we ... probably lost a lot cuz relied on the steemprice

i dont really care how much more advanced or how harder your 'hood' is cos my hood aint mine

i never liked it here so you're barking up the wrong cat but i can direct you to a few people on either side who will gladly accomodate your need to compete


yes , 1 STEEM seems to pay for an edit at "no RC left" ... insert coins to continue, the cheapest arcade i know but its game over pretty quick

ah .. CAT, ... clear choice , obvious, if you want advertising rights you'll have to film here cos i will not stress him for your sake and you have to broadcast there because comparative adverts are illegal here (like breathing, and talking, and making money ...)

first one to say 'job' after all what happened can get a brick to the face i told you Ipsos after 3 months of yanking my balls was the very last time that would ever happen ... you made me sorry a long time ago i didnt just start over after you fucked me over the first time

you have no clue, do you ?

about "the world" and stuff ?
hm 2 steem this time, thats a costly puppypost

vote for witness ? if i keep charging like this i can go slimste mens ter wereld or Orban on yow-ass and have you vote for me so where's my fucking money ?

mmh.... yea that's what yuppies WOULD say, thats exactly the reaction i was expecting

ojou-sama ...

still not getting the metafor ?

i am the cat

i live between worlds

read that kipling thing, watch that video, its sold as a kids tale, you'll get it eventually

i MEAN theres a lot more of them than there are of you and you're not being very nice because you treat them like idiots and not all of them are, just like there's a few among you

who keep silent when the emperor demands new clothes because they know the guillotine cuts both ways



i see the price go nothing but DOWN as i put money nothing but UP

so will you give me the heart of ojou-sama


the balls of the emperor and his closest entourage if you please

if this thing goes south ?

i was born in east flanders gravelpits, theres a caste system here, i was cursed from birth, getting out was nothing but a whimsical notion anyway but

you owe me here, the balls of the emperor and the head of ojou-sama

cos i dont see my money ?

god damn ... RC

1 steem ?

yyyeaaa, i have less money but i put up more and what i lack in numbers i certainly make up for in braincells compare to YOU ojou-sama ... ?

i dont know what spell you put on these people to make them think YOU can talk to people ...

but i serve the original witch

thats actually the one you took with you when you fled this place

so your bookstore incense burning wont have much effect on me

aawww AGAIN ???

1 steem ?

2 steem ?

Freyja's Cats ... its the original witch of the north, it basically shaped northern european christianity ... (western too but north shaped the west, obviously ... )

why would you want me to explain when all reason is already on my side ?

it must be a spell, right , those people are supposed to be intelligent and their behaviour is erratic

all of them so since you are the advocate

that makes you the most likely suspect

its small and winding down here, things lurk behind corners ... if you ever come down from the heavens, watch your step if that is how you think it works, ojou-sama


i charged 12 STEEM to the account by now ...
i havent gotten an apology from steemcleaners, that l.a. bitch and that patrice retard either for fucking up my first month

i dont want one, i just want them to know THEY are in the way of progress, as is the emperor

much so

so , another 1 STEEM ?
not enough

ah hah, that didnt even record my changes ?

ultradaftness ... ?

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  ·  13 days ago (edited)

wha'? u no like me way of speak, boss-man ? i don't like ojou-'thebiggestnormieofhemallwhoheardaboutcryptoandboughtsomewithdaddymoney'-sama speak no either ... she insults my mother, it's offensive .. i told the real ojou-sama this morning : take a GOOD LOOK at that woman and the way she speaks and behaves and PROMISE ME you'll never grow up to be something like that

noblesse oblige, ojou-sama :) dont listen to your daddy, listen to the cat ... it has a better vantage point

i got Northern-European in my blood ... it's a genetic thing

some call it a defunct, but i think the planet is dysfunctional and me and mine are the last sane people on earth ...

hmmm ... i basically paid for the right to speak on an american DAPP pretending to be de-centralized and watched my money go down the drain ever since ... if you say 'writers' i say GOTO FUCKING REDDIT AND MEDIUM BECAUSE THIS THING IS TOO GOOD FOR POTTER FICTION ONLY

and see : that's called an opinion ... a well-versed and underlaid one, albeit not always outspokenly goodspeak but hey

amendments and all that, you should know a lot about it (where i live that's like article 25 or something, freedom of press and expression ... , yea, it is ... but where you live ... its smoke and mirrors then , ah?)

so I PAID FOR THE RIGHT TO SPEAK ... and some people would tell me "how to" (= lol)

Freyja's Cats bow to no man ...
(thats a metafor , precious ...)