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As previously mentioned, the knowledge of time is done with the visual conditions of the sun. Generally, from sunrise to sunset day till sunset and from sunset to sunrise, there are no nights, but day counters are called day by day. In a place, a revolution of the nadir of the ultraviolet circle is called a visible day, and a parikrama is called a constellation with respect to any constant constellation of the sun. According to this constellation convention, the point of point of the measure (first point of Aries i.e.g.), I.e., the ecliptic and the equinox is called the spring collapse point. Although the sidereal day is stable, it is not useful for our behavior, because this view is 3 minutes to 53 seconds less than day. The visual day is not always the same. So it is difficult to tell the timing of the sun at a time. There are two reasons: One, the apparent motion of the sun is not always the same, the second clear sun appears in the ecliptic. We need such a sun to make a time-laser instrument, which, at a moderate pace, always runs in the equinox. Astrologers such as Sun are called the Astronomical Sun or only mean Sun. The difference between the medium sun and the ecliptic between the Sun and the eve of the ecliptic is said to be Bhujaran after the Bhaskaracharya and the difference between the revolutionary medium sun and clear sun. If the astrologer meditates in the Sun and afterwards Bhujaran rituals, then the scene will be the sun. In modern vocabulary, simultaneous time is called equation of time. This is similar to the difference between the time of our clocks (mean-sun-time) and the visible time of sun. Time Samikar can be extracted only by mathematics per day. Nowadays, in the nautical almanac, it is given daily value. Thus, we can know the time of the sun when we want to watch our clocks. It is very useful in astrology. Opposite: We can fix the time of our clocks by checking the height of the Sun's higher post-pointing point, by adding or subtracting time equation in it, by knowing the time of the real mean-sun.

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