The dropahead project joins The Devcoin Foundation

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Dear supporters,

As you might already know, @develCuy - the founder of The dropahead project - decided to shutdown it due to lack of funding. That was sad news for their community!

Well, things have changed a bit since the shutdown. @develCuy decided to give a good use to all the potential power achieved by The dropahead project. There are hundreds of people that still allow dropahead to use their vote for its original purpose, the project has grown great steem reputation, they got thousands of followers and @dropahead holds some STEEM POWER! Everything with the sole purpose of supporting undervalued authors. We can still do it somehow!

For that reason, @develCuy decided to use the dropahead's Reward Pool (dRP) to promote The Devcoin Foundation via its official account @devcoin. The purpose of Devcoin is quite similar to dropahead's, but focused on Open Source Software. Think of it as the dropahead of Open Source. In fact, there are big plans for Devcoin on the Steem platform!

Last but not least, now that curation rewards got higher relevance and vote selling is discouraged thanks to bandwidth limits, voting mana, etc. it is fair to let @devcoin use dropahead's supporters vote in exchange for keeping their accounts busy. The result is that their supporters make more voting rewards while helping @devcoin at the same time! Always with the compromise of not wasting, nor abusing of others voting mana!

If you agree with this move, you don't need to do anything. Rather, if you prefer to cancel your dropahead membership, you can revoke @dropahead the permission to use your vote, in the following link:

Or, if you are willing to support @devcoin via the dropahead project, you can authorize @dropahead to use your vote:

AND, leave a comment here, saying that you authorized us (we can't detect the authorization automatically)

In conclusion, the @dropahead project resources are now being used to support @devcoin, no strings attached to the membership.

Thanks again people, you rock!


This is very cool. Missed it when first posted. Have @devcoin on my notification list now. 👍

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