Time for the Double Ds...

in #xwing5 years ago

I have been extremely hesitant to try them out. They have been played by others with much success and I resisted the urge... thus far.

The power of those two extra cannon shots can not be denied, especially in a meta prevalent with 1-Agility ships.

It is time to unleash the power of the Double Ds! Bust them free and push them around!

Rexler Brath with Veteran Instincts, Tractor Beam and TIE/D Title.
Maarek Stele with Veteran Instincts, Tractor Beam and TIE/D Title.

I shall play with them this week and let you know how they perform.



I never saw you fly them. what happened?

I'll fly them next time. I flew Deathrain, Inquisitor and Omega Leader today. I had a punishing win and a narrow loss.

PS10 and PS9 Tractor Beams will pick up Scurrg Bombers and drop them on top of asteroids. Hail!

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