XVG - Red Flag! Pump and Dump Coin?

in xvg •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hey, so I was going through twitter and found this information.

"Only 25 people holding 50% of the $XVG supply. "

When @DaleyBTCNews inquired about this, they kicked him out of the Telegram Channel.

People also claiming most of these accounts are held by their Dev team and help the P&D.

So what do you guys think?

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Very interesting. I happen to think that they have really good tech and it could potentially beat Monero as the privacy crypto.

These coming weeks we will see a release marathon from Verge. I posted about it a few days ago. Hopefully this create a serious rise in price and more and more people will hold. They

I think this is not abnormal. This may be address of exchanges.
Moreover if you see for digibyte one address holding 20% coins.

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Great work and research kewlz...these pumpers and dumpers are also trying to overrun Digibyte in this voting pool that ends in 1 day. HitBTC exchange is asking what coin they would like to be supported next..i really hope these guys don't win..if you know anyone invested in Digibyte or don't want these guys to win please vote..i admit i am invested in DGB, but i just don't like the markets manipulated..it pisses me off..thanks



hitbtc HitBTC tweeted @ 31 Aug 2017 - 11:51 UTC

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this is good news, at some point they pump the shit out of it and then i'll sell my verge :)

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