"XTRABYTES"- The First Staticnode Cryptocurrency With Proof Of Sign

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Nowadays there are so many projects introduces in the market but few of them are with the unique vision and here I just found a project called "Xtrabytes" this is a recently concocted calculation that does not need any conventional sort of mining help, for example, POW or POS. "Xtrabytes" have made something many refer to as Proof of Signature (POSign)which guarantees that 100% of all squares will be marked by the framework when they happen. The squares are marked by the system of Master Nodes subsequent to checking the exchanges in the square. Now a question must come to your mind what is proof os signature? how it is different from POW AND POS?

So let's discuss all these questions below to understand "Xtrabytes" better

Before understanding the proof of sign you must have to know 4 terms i.e ZOLT, STATIC, PULSE and, VITAL. After understanding these terms you can easily understand the working procedure of "Xtrabytes"



This is another algorithm named ZOLT, PoSign guarantees that all squares are quickly prepared and signature-checked. A drastically new idea, Proof-of-Signature furnishes clients with an unparalleled dimension of security and speed.


STATIC (Services Transactions and Trusted-in-Control) hubs frame the foundation of the"Xtrabytes" arrange. They play out a vital job in the accord, security, and administration of the stage. It's the STATIC hubs that are entrusted with confirming exchange squares, much equivalent to full hubs improve the situation the Bitcoin arrange. They store the whole blockchain and guarantee new squares pursue the agreement rules. Be that as it may, the guidelines to do as such are to some degree unique.


VITALS (Virtual Information Transmissions Aligning STATICS) it is the possess exclusive system of "Xtrabytes" . VITALS contains a private virtual system specifically interconnecting the online STATIC hubs; this system is stretched out over open systems, adequately giving VPN-like usefulness to the system of STATIC hubs. VITALS, along these lines, bolster the correspondence needs of the "Xtrabytes" blockchain by giving impedance free direct ways between hubs to guarantee security and speed when handling exchanges. The VITALS arrange is included settled virtual hubs that compare to and is controlled by at least one STATIC hubs.


The PULSE (Ping Unified Ledger Synchronization Equalizer) benefit is the focal correspondence framework for the STATIC hubs. Whenever there is an exchange made on the "Xtrabytes" record, a PULSE flag will be sent to the majority of the hubs, cautioning them that they have to approve the new square. This flag will work as administration for the VITALS arrange, giving time stamps and encouraging the square confirmation process. On account of the speed, close continuous, at which the STATIC hubs process exchanges, it is workable for a hub to un-match up from the system and a PULSE cautioning will be issued to the significant STATIC hub appropriately.

What is proof of signature?

PoSIGN(Proof of signature) agreement is accomplished through the cooperations between an arrangement of genuine and virtual hub organizes in steady correspondence, guaranteeing exact, fast, signature-confirmed exchanges. Extra advantages accomplished by the ZOLT algorithm incorporate generously diminished vitality utilization, as ZOLT algorithm requires substantially less energy consumption than competitors, as the consensus algorithm (Proof of Signature) does not require nodes to solve computationally difficult problems in order to earn transaction fees or create new tokens. The STATIC hub organize is the bedrock whereupon the "Xtrabytes" stage is assembled. STATIC hubs give security, guarantee agreement, and play an expansive and creating the future job in "Xtrabytes" administration. The virtual VITALS system of hubs uses a restrictive system convention so as to make an encased, private system by which online STATIC hubs can straightforwardly convey. In conclusion, to guarantee STATIC hubs are for sure checking the right square as the VITALS organizes looks after accord, the PULSE arranges works as the focal correspondence transmission framework, giving timestamps so as to make square confirmation less difficult over the whole STATIC system.

How STATIC node is different from POW AND POS?

STATIC nodes work differently than master nodes or traditional nodes in a variety of ways. To begin with, the STATIC hubs encourage the Proof of Signature (POSign) calculation, an agreement calculation which doesn't require mining like Proof of Work. By guaranteeing a mark rate of 100% for each exchange square, PoSign ensures security and precision consistently.

Another significant contrast is that so as to bargain the"Xtrabytes" organize, the whole STATIC hub system would need to be imperiled by one terrible on-screen character. It is nonsensical to figure this could even be accomplished. This imaginative innovation likewise dispenses with the danger of a 51% assault. If one STATIC Node is defiled or taken disconnected, whatever remains of the STATIC hubs will promptly expel it from the system to avert security issues.

Since STATIC hubs don't require processing capacity to approve exchanges (they don't have to settle the logically increasingly troublesome computational issues found in Proof of Work mining), the whole system will require far less vitality to work. This will drastically shrivel the carbon impression "Xtrabytes" contrasted with most mined monetary forms.


As this is a new concept to gain more stability and reduce power consumption so this need to more awareness in the crypto community and hope more speed up to 1m+ and more adoption of this coin will be in the community.

For more information please connect to Xtrabytes

website, Discord, More info

Risk warning: All the information above are only for your knowledge and the conclusion is my personal opinion so before investment do your own research before investment because no one will responsible for your profit or loss.

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