What do you think will happen with XRP?

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What do you think the outcome of the XRP price will be?

I think, along with many others, XRP will reach, $50 in the next months to come.

It has already overtaken etherum twice! And anlot of other cypto curremcies run on the ethereum network compared to the XRP.

Although now just below ethereum, soon. Wuth UAE saying 50% of transactions by 2020 wikl be on the ripple XRP blockchain, how can it not go up?

At the moment ripple CANNOT be put into use, because the price ia to low, the technology is the best, its got the lowest charges, amd rhe quickest transfers than any other, but the price is too low, so ita going to have to be pumped up to be used as a currency.

Id say the best place to buy XRP is through wirex, its the safest, and its the ONLY crypto wallet bank, than I havent had trouble paying with the xard anywhere!

Wirex in December 2018 had near to 1 MILLION customers word wide, and had Processed over $1 BILLION dollars in transactions!

Sign up with the link below amd we will both get somefree Bitcoin 🙌👀


I hope you invest in some XRP while it is only $0.50, it could be the best thing you ever do!


Thank You Very Much For Reading, Please Comment and Like if this helped👍

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