Ripple(XRP) may be NO.1 in cryptocurrency this 2019

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The recent Undulations of the cryptocurrency market have confused many investors and traders. The position of Ethereum and XRP have been reversed during this period of ups and down.
Ethereum took over the second position based on market capitalization.

Ripple-community has become one of the most active participants in the crypto market and has always maintained a positive attitude towards the coin both now and in the future.

The Weiss Cryptocurrency ratings stated that XRP could be the number one cryptocurrency in 2019.

According to the report:
"XRP, in particular, aims to replace SWIFT, the largest payment network in the global banking system. If this coin can take over SWIFT's market share or replace it in several areas, it is possible that XRP can become the world's number 1 cryptocurrency.

Weiss's prediction came behind a report that cited several ties between XRP and famous financial institutions. This includes the XRP margin trading facility launched by the Kraken.

He says:

"Gold is currently an asset of $ 8 trillion, while Bitcoin is an asset of $ 60 billion. In my opinion, the value of BTC can increase 100-fold which will ensure the position of digital assets in the future.

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