Will XRP Go Up ? what i think ? and a small Short-term Trade signal included

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Hi :)

Just sharing my analysis on XRP for short 10 to 20% Profitable trade ......

1)These were most probably Panic sells
from old holders to come out of xrp in breakeven or small profit ( maybe )

But chart is saying all it's clearly Going up slowly slowly ( Uptrend following the trend)

Almost all panic sells has been done in last few weeks now traders and investors are accumulating .XRP and i can see it pumping well in near future at some point will share that if you follow me on steemit then you will see :)

Wish you Good luck and i would say buy around or under 11k and sell from 12 to 13k for short term if you can hold then go ahead for bigger gains :)

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Waiting to sell 1000 xrp at the perfect time. Thanks for your analisis

you're welcome :)

Thanks bro for free signal

We really we are following your analysis on crypto trading bro and it's great to earn base on your signals

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