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With the evolving technologies, technology like Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Mixed Reality(MR) are taking over more areas of our day to day life. The user-friendliness, convenience, usability etc depend on the type of a particular technology. The user experience in Virtual Reality is purely artificial and synthetic, as VR is completely a digital environment which is fully enclosed & there is no sense of a real world. Similarly, the user experience in AR is tilted towards real content, as AR is the real world with digital information overlay. So the user experience is real world/real content-centric but can be enhanced with virtual details. Mixed Reality is a combination of both real & virtual world. So the virtual objects can be anchored to real-world objects in MR.

Extended Reality(XR) refers to the combination of VR, AR & MR environments and it also makes all the three of them interoperable. That means the user experience in Extended Reality can be switchable. So comparatively XR can cover more areas of our daily life and can enhance the user experience in a better way as compared to VR, AR, MR.

The existing form of internet web we experience is 2-dimensional. The Extended Reality can take the current version to the next version which will be 3-dimensional and that can further create a web, based on the location and can connect to the geolocation coordinates through digital information overlay.

GofindXR is looking to create a platform with adequate infrastructure that can combine extended reality web(XR Web) and blockchain technology. While XR Web can enhance the user experience to the next level which is 3-dimensional, blockchain can ensure security in the platform.




GofindXR offers a decentralized extended reality web platform, powered with IPFS & Etherum blockchain. This platform allows users to stake XR token, which is the native token of the platform and any user can stake XR tokens & by staking XR tokens one can lease land in the digital estate. It also allows various enterprises to build their apps. The advertisers can place their ads to the 3-dimensional geographic locations of their choice by staking XR tokens. So the revenue is basically derived from advertisements & transactions. The revenue generated is shared by developers, app builders and XR tokens holders. So XR tokens bring the major utility in GofindXR platform where leasing of land, placing of advertisements & earning revenue etc all centred around XR tokens.

The underlying principle of GofindXR platform is "value sharing". As it combines the XR Web with Blockchain technology, a transparent & fair business can be delivered.


Key Components


XR Web

It is a distributed collection of geolocations & coordinates of earth's digital estate, assets & the applications built upon it. The platform allows a part of the XR Land to be leased by staking XR tokens by any user.

XR Browser

It offers a portal to experience XR web, blockchain & app store. It is available on iOS & Android phones.

XR Advertisement Engine

It is a self-serving advertisement engine which offers users to experience AR/VR/XR and the user experience can be switchable. That means the Advertisement Engine will serve ads in XR land as well as other AR applications outside XR land. The advertiser is free to place ads as per its choice.

XR Lens Store & SDK

The lenses are similar to web apps in 2D internet. Lenses are built using the free SDKs in Unity and Javascript. The App store has specific guidelines for the applications in GofindXR web.

How to stake XR token & lease XR estate



  • If you already have a metamask wallet, then you can straightway go to the web portal, else create a metamask wallet and then go to the web portal. Connect your metamask wallet.

  • Select the polygon tool to mark the XR estate to lease.

  • Select the payment method.

  • Pay via metamask to complete the exchange.

  • There is an XR estate app, where the list of land is available.

  • The advertisers put their ads on XR estate. So revenue is generated from the advertisers and in addition to that, the revenue is also generated from transactions.

  • Once you stake the XR tokens, it will start generating passive income for you, as a share of the revenue is distributed among the developers, token holders, dapp builders. So as long as it is staked you will continue getting your share of the revenue. But do note that the staked XR token cannot be traded or exchanged.

  • If you unstate the land, then the staked XR tokens will be returned and then you are free to transfer or trade the XR tokens in exchange.


Types of application that can be built upon XR



  • Gaming sector can find serious potential in extended reality web.

  • The shopping consoles can leverage on extended reality and they can offer their customers a virtual makeover/experience through an app. If a user can click on a banner or the product, then it can give a virtual demo to that user with XR experience. The consumers may have a better understanding of a product with XR experience.

  • The social media sector is the next big market. The user experience of social media users can be offered with extended reality. As of now, the existing social networks are already encouraging people to use AR features while using social media accounts. So extended reality can bring much more to the social media domain.

XR Tokens


XR token is the native token in the GofindXR platform and the users can lease digital estate on XR Web by staking XR tokens. XR tokens which are staked cannot be tradable and only the free tokens can be traded and exchanged. The advertisers can also place a bid for their advertisement on specific geolocation of their choice and that again requires the utility of XR tokens. The XR token holders can earn a share of the revenue from the revenue share model of GofindXR platform.

Different use-case of XR tokens



  • The users can stake XR tokens, lease a part of the digital estate of XR Web and can earn passive income. It does not incur any levy charges when the users unstake XR tokens.

  • The revenue share model is distributed among the developers, app builders, stakeholders. The revenue is generated from advertisements & transaction fees.

  • One can trade free and liquid XR tokens.

  • XR token holders have access to various games, apps, online/offline events etc.

  • The transaction with XR token does not incur any transaction cost. All other currencies incur a levy in XR Web.

How to buy XR Tokens


Buy XR tokens with STEEM

Transfer to@gofindxr
Min Amount50 STEEM
MemoAdd your ETH Address, where you can receive XR tokens
Fill the google form(Optional)https://goo.gl/forms/jTkpxaxLKCE0ph4B3

Note- You can get 10 XR token per STEEM now and this is an exclusive offer with an idea to onboard Steem users in GofindXR platform. The estimated worth of XR token is 0.15 usd and with the current price of STEEM(0.4 USD), so you can definitely click a perfect deal which gives you 400% return roughly.

Buy XR tokens with ETH

Transfer to0x04BB82Cf1A19dD7C7373BCF00c8C2a5086Bea870
Min Amount1 ETH
MemoSend a small amount of STEEM(0.001 STEEM) with a memo containing the transaction hash of ETH transaction to @gofindxr
Fill the google form(Optional)https://goo.gl/forms/jTkpxaxLKCE0ph4B3

Buy XR tokens with BTC

Min Amount0.1 BTC
MemoSend a small amount of STEEM(0.001 STEEM) with a memo containing the transaction hash of BTC transaction to @gofindxr
Fill the google form(Optional)https://goo.gl/forms/jTkpxaxLKCE0ph4B3

Buy XR tokens with BCH

Transfer toqq53l25s903quhwrcqfw6x7mcjs94zr9jyqksv34gz
Min Amount1 BCH
MemoSend a small amount of STEEM(0.001 STEEM) with a memo containing the transaction hash of BCH transaction to @gofindxr
Fill the google form(Optional)https://goo.gl/forms/jTkpxaxLKCE0ph4B3

Buy XR tokens with Paypal

Transfer to[email protected]
Min Amount100 USD
MemoSend a small amount of STEEM(0.001 STEEM) with a memo containing the transaction id to @gofindxr
Fill the google form(Optional)https://goo.gl/forms/jTkpxaxLKCE0ph4B3



  • The revenue share model of GofindXR platform opens a new opportunity of passive income for the stakeholders.

  • The combination of XR Web with blockchain technology can not only offer the extended reality to the end users but also create a marketplace for the advertisers, app builders, developers, stakeholders etc where the business can be conducted in a fair & transparent way.

  • The security is guaranteed with blockchain technology.

  • The switchable user experience in XR Web can attract a lot of users to join the ecosystem.



As XR(Extended Reality) covers the entire spectrum of VR, AR, MR, etc & makes them interoperable, it offers switchable user experience. GofindXr leverages on XR technology and offers a platform powered with blockchain technology which opens up a marketplace for advertisers, app builders, developers, etc. Moreover, users can always have a better experience with XR. The dynamic model of the token economy in GofindXR encourage people to stake more XR tokens, so that can equally be an opportunity for a user to earn passive income and equally an incoming investment for the platform. This can further make the platform sustainable.


The power of blockchain technology can further satisfy the security concern of the users. The business can always be done fairly and transparently within the platform. With that being said, GofindXR platform can attract many XR developers to this platform to built apps and monetise their apps and can have their share from the revenue share model. Social media, gaming, e-commerce, dating etc can extend their reach and popularity through XR experience. As AR is already gaining a lot of popularity, in the next decade, this domain shall be completely dominated by XR. As GofindXR is already a platform in place, I can see a lot of potential in it in the coming future.


More Information & Resources

Images & logos are taken from the official website of XR Web.

This is not a financial advice.


Thank you for sharing information about the Gofindxr project. The project seems very promising. I like the concept and all its benefits for users. However, It appears the project codes are not fully open. I checked through the project repositories, and I could not find codes that are related to mobile apps. Thus, this post will not be scored.

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